Customers brawl to the point of violence at a fish market, and one is reportedly stabbed to death over some birthday shrimp.


Prosecutors say chilling footage shows the exact moment a fatal brawl erupted over stolen shrimp.

On the evening of February 21, two brothers allegedly rushed the counter at the Fish Express Fish Market on Harlem’s Upper West Side, prompting a terrified worker to fight back.


Terrifying footage obtained by The New York Post shows the moment two brothers allegedly fought with shopkeepers


Junior Aquino Hernandez, an employee of the shop, can allegedly be seen fatally stabbing one of the brothers


The New York Post has obtained exclusive surveillance footage which appears to show one of the NYC storeowners stabbing 25-year-old Malik Burrell.

The 29-year-old brother of the accused killer, Robert “Bobby” Burrell, was injured and later charged with assault and burglary, while the 34-year-old shopkeeper, Junior Aquino Hernandez, was initially accused of murder.

Although the murder charge was dropped, Hernandez, a father of four, still faces possible prison time for assault.

“At this time we are not prepared to go forward with the charges related to the death of Malik pending a full investigation,” said Assistant District Attorney Mireille Dee in a hearing Thursday night.

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Prosecutors for the state of Florida claim that Bobby came into the store on his own and got into an argument with the employees while he was trying to buy shrimp for a birthday dinner.

When he was stopped for trying to leave without paying, he threw the shrimp and swung at an employee.

Soon after, Bobby and his sibling Malik came back. Directing their attention to the cashiers, they rushed up to speak with them.

Prosecutors claim that the two began beating the worker, at which point Hernandez rushed to his aid.

Because he was unable to disentangle them, he returned to the kitchen to retrieve a knife.

The attorney claims that while Malik was punching the worker, the suspect stabbed him twice in the chest.

Robert snatched up his sibling and started dragging him out the front door of the shop, but Hernandez was close behind.

Prosecutors claim that the worker stabbed Malik three more times with the knife, in the hand and abdomen, causing a collapsed lung.

The entire melee lasted just 35seconds.

Robert Burrell Sr., the brothers’ father, told the Post that he finds it “crazy” that his son, who shares his name, is being accused of theft.

I know my sons aren’t stealing anything,” he declared. They’re wealthy. Aside from the cash on hand, they also have a cash app with funds.

Officials have also acknowledged the gravity of the situation, saying that a man was indeed killed and that further investigation is warranted.

We’re still looking into whether the initial stabbing behind the counter was warranted, Dee said.

The incident at the door involving the stabbing of Robert Burrell, however, will result in criminal charges being filed.

Hernandez appeared relieved after the charges against him were reduced, and he ran to embrace his loved ones.

He apologized to the media outside the courthouse.

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“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

Hernandez was originally accused of homicide, but his charges were reduced to assault



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