Customers’ shopping habits may change as a result of a recent store redesign at Trader Joe’s, but there’s a catch.


Customers may be surprised by a major change at TRADER Joe’s.

Customers should check the store’s website or Facebook page to confirm the store’s holiday hours before making the trip.


On Easter Sunday (April 9) Trader Joe’s will be open at a different time than usual.

The standard closing time for stores across the country has been shifted to 5 p.m.

Trader Joe’s explained their decision by saying they wanted their employees to spend time with their loved ones.

You can view the holiday hours for your local Trader Joe’s by visiting the website and clicking on the “my store” tab.

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On Easter Sunday, Trader Joe’s won’t be the only store to close early.

If you need to know whether or not a particular Kroger is open after 5 p.m., you should call ahead to make sure.

With the exception of stores in the states of California and Arizona, Aldi will be closed all day today.

Customers in these states should use the store locator to find out when their nearest location is open.

And just like many other businesses, Target will be closed across the country on Easter Sunday.

As it has done every day for the past 93 years, Publix will also close all of its stores for the day.

Walmart, however, is not like the other stores and will keep its regular hours.

It is the chain’s custom to remain open on Easter.


In addition to seasonal fluctuations, supermarkets often face difficulties due to the growing popularity of delivery services.

The U.S. As April progresses, Sun has compiled a comprehensive list of well-known stores that will be closing their doors.

Even Walmart is feeling the effects of the so-called “retail apocalypse,” closing seven stores across the country in April.

There will be a total of 11 Sprouts Farmers Market locations shut down because of poor performance.

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In the meantime, Bed Bath & Beyond has started holding liquidation sales due to its financial woes.

There will soon be significant price, sustainability, and product selection differences as a result of the shift to online shopping.


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