Daniel Scott-Smith confirms that the Crabfeeder has greyscale in “House of the Dragon”

Daniel Scott-Smith’s portrayal of Craghas Drahar, the Crabfeeder, was first seen in House of the Dragon. In the prequel series, a mysterious figure known as The Crabfeeder claims ownership of the Stepstones. He has a distinctive look, and Smith recently revealed that his character has a Game of Thrones disease.

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 3 spoilers are present in this article.

What is greyscale in ‘Game of Thrones’?

Greyscale, a dangerous disease that causes the skin’s surface to harden and calcify, is depicted in Game of Thrones. Even though it is frequently fatal, those who make it through greyscale have permanently disfiguring skin.

When Princess Shireen Baratheon was a baby, she contracted the illness, but she was saved by treatment. The only Game of Thrones character to fully recover from greyscale is Jorah Mormont.

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It’s also critical to remember that greyscale is an infectious disease that spreads slowly. Stone Men are the name given to those who are affected. The victim’s skin will eventually become completely covered by the illness, which will then start attacking the body’s internal organs. Greyscale can cause insanity if a patient lives long enough for the illness to spread to their brain.

The Crabfeeder, Craghas Drahar, was first introduced in “House of the Dragon.”

The Triarchy in Fire & Blood is an association of the Free Cities of Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh. The Triarchy’s forces were led by the Crabfeeder in taking the Stepstones from the pirates guarding the Island.

The Stepstones are a crucial trade route, though, and the Crabfeeder’s excessive greed ultimately caused him to raise the costs for safe passage to absurdly high levels.

The gruesome practice of Craghas Drahar, whereby he would stake out pirates on beaches so that the crabs could feast on them as the tide came in, gave rise to his nickname. In House of the Dragon, The Crabfeeder also has a distinct appearance.

According to Daniel Scott-Smith, the Crabfeeder has grayscale.

Daniel Scott-Smith claims that his character is grayscale. According to him, even though Cranghas Drahar is viewed as the villain, there is always a backstory to the character’s development. Greg Yaitanes, the director of episodes 2 and 3, and the actor talked about the Crabfeeder as a character.

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“We wanted people to keep in mind that he has two sides. We discussed the possibility that he was a prince or that he refers to himself as a prince, indicating that he came from a higher House, Scott-Smith continued. We talked about that, his gradual decline to where he is, and potential physical and mental effects of the greyscale.

It’s possible that the Crabfeeder has already evolved into a more vicious and brutal character as a result of the greyscale. “We wanted to show the more princely, royal side, but then we also wanted to show the more feral side, which came through when he held the hammer,” the actor continued. We wanted the character to become more beastly as a result of the hammer.

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