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David Muir Receives Prestigious Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism

David Muir, the esteemed anchor and managing editor of World News Tonight, started off the week with exhilarating news. Taking to Instagram, Muir shared his excitement at being honored with the 40th Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism. This prestigious accolade has previously been bestowed upon highly established journalists, including Gayle King, Al Roker, and Anderson Cooper.

Muir expressed his gratitude by posting a heartfelt message on Instagram, thanking @cronkite_asu and @poynter_institute. His dear friend and co-host, Kelly Ripa, quickly showed her support by congratulating him as well. Fellow ABC journalist Rebecca Jarvis also joined in to express her admiration for Muir’s achievement.

Many fans took to social media to shower Muir with their well wishes. One fan remarked, “Congrats David!! One of the best news reporters out there,” while another said, “Tremendous honor. Proud of and thrilled for you.” The ABC World News with David Muir is clearly a favorite amongst viewers, as one fan stated, “Well deserved. One thing I try not to miss is the ABC World News with David Muir.”

A Stellar Career

Muir has been an integral part of World News Tonight since 2014, holding the title of anchor and managing editor. The show has consistently been the highest-rated news program on both broadcast and cable TV.

Award Acknowledgment

In response to receiving the Walter Cronkite Award, Muir reflected on the legacy of the legendary news anchor. He stated, “Walter Cronkite famously guided this country through some of the most trying moments in modern U.S. history and he did so by trusting his own compass, his deep commitment to journalism and the truth, and his willingness, in the darkest of times, to share his own humanity.”

Muir is deeply humbled to be honored in Cronkite’s name and views it as a call for all journalists to uphold those same standards, especially in times when they are most crucial.

A Passion for Journalism

David Muir’s journey to become a journalist started at an early age. He always idolized Peter Jennings as the embodiment of the evening news. Muir’s determination led him to intern and seek out opportunities with various news outlets. His dedication paid off when he was hired by Channel 5 in Syracuse, where he truly began his journalism career.

Reminiscing about his first role, Muir shared, “I was 13 years old…I had written to the local news people in my town and they began writing back to me, and that was my first visit to the TV station. I began interning, carrying the tripods, and the equipment. They hired me out of college. That was where my first job was, Channel 5 in Syracuse.”

During his time at Channel 5, Muir eagerly absorbed all facets of news production, from fetching drinks to studying the news anchors at the desk. This experience fueled his passion for journalism and laid the foundation for his illustrious career.

Final Thoughts

David Muir’s dedication to journalism and pursuit of excellence have earned him the prestigious Walter Cronkite Award. His achievement is a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering news with integrity and humanity.

As Muir continues to helm World News Tonight as anchor and managing editor, viewers can trust that they are receiving the highest quality journalism from one of the industry’s most respected figures.


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