Days before her due date, Teen Mom Kayla Sessler sobs inconsolably over her “guilt” of having an abortion.


Star of TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant Kayla Sessler sobbed while discussing how difficult it was for her to “grieve” after having an abortion.

On the MTV reality show, the reality star explained why she chose to have a pregnancy terminated.

Teen Mom:Young and Pregnat's Kayla Sessler sobbed after undergoing an abortion


On Tuesday’s Teen Mom episode, Kayla talked openly about the consequences of her abortion.

The reality star broke down while having dinner with her mother and admitted that she was having difficulties.

It’s just a lot to process because, say, my due date would have been approaching. It’s a little difficult,” she admits.

“I feel like I was kind of operating on autopilot while I was pregnant and going through it. I didn’t really address my feelings until after.

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“Everyone warned me about the physical pain you know you take the pill and you cramp and whatever,” she continues as she starts to cry.

There is pain. However, no one had anticipated the psychological effects or the guilt I would experience and be unable to shake.

“And it’s hard because I feel like I don’t have that right to grieve because it’s a decision that I made,” Kayla continues to tell her mother.

“I just feel like there’s so much against Luke and I, and this is just another thing,” she says in her closing statement.


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