Deborah Roberts, 62, the wife of Al Roker, works out intensely in a sports bra and tight pants.


The family has joined AL Roker’s wife in her recent fitness endeavors.

Nick Roberts, Deborah’s son, joined his mom for a strenuous workout.


This time she was joined by her son, Nick


In an Instagram post on Monday, Deborah—who has three children with Today show weatherman Al—wrote that she was heading to the gym.

She was sad because Nick, who had been her inspiration, had left to return to school.

The 62-year-old reporter went on to post a series of throwback videos from a week earlier, showing her and the 20-year-old working up a sweat in the gym.

“Nick got me motivated,” the proud mom posted.

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The mother and son in the videos alternated between running on treadmills side by side and pushing heavy weights.

Nick larered a rowing machine while Deborah tightened the knots.


Last week, Al, Deborah, and Nick traveled to Puerto Rico to spend time together at the Ritz-Carlton Reserve at Dorado Beach.

Al commemorated the final day of their trip by uploading a slew of pictures that he had taken.

The host of the show first shared a photo she had taken of the resort’s stunning pool area, which featured a waterfall and palm trees.

The following is a very endearing selfie of the whole family.

The family was all smiles in the third photo, which was taken in front of the sparkling pool.

Deborah sparkled in a black, white, and green one-piece swimsuit that revealed her toned arms and legs.

The final two pictures showed the Roker clan gathered around the bar with drinks in hand.

“So hard to leave Dorado beach reserve, a favorite,” Al wrote as a caption for the photos.


Deborah is a fitness machine, with or without her son.

Earlier this month, she recorded her workout and embarrassed the rest of us with it.

She greeted the camera with, “Good morning, happy Friday,” before leaving for her workout. “How about we wrap up this week on a high note?”

Deborah posted a series of Instagram Stories demonstrating her workout routine, in which she performed cardio, push-ups, and cowbell exercises.

She overcame the dreaded battle ropes, despite being on her lonesome.

Exhausted, she still found reason to be optimistic, tweeting, “Friday finish!! Best of luck to you!


Deborah has been back at the gym frequently since she got over her illness, demonstrating her strength to everyone.

A video of her leaving the house for the gym was posted to Instagram last month.

The time had come, she informed her devotees. It’s workout time!

She then posted a picture of her personal trainer with the caption, “No turning back now.”

Deborah joked, “But thinking of sidestepping,” as she did some balance and cardio work by side-stepping on a Bosu ball.

Al’s wife, in another training video, bench-pressed a total of 40 pounds (20 pounds per arm).

She recorded herself doing the move from various perspectives and posted the videos online.

The GMA co-host was also filmed doing abdominal exercises on the bench and the floor.

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Her trainer was overheard telling her, “Let’s bring the knees up,” as she did mountain climbers with her feet on a Bosu ball and her forearms on a foam roller.

Deborah and Nick worked out next to each other


Deborah, Al and Nick spent a week on a family vacation in Puerto Rico


Nick headed back to college after his spring break



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