Despite its popularity, a hairstylist explains why you should steer clear of the Karen haircut and why the consequences are much more severe than you might imagine.


Many women find that a new hairstyle better suits their evolving appearance as they get older.

But there’s one style of haircut that women of any age should avoid at all costs.


The so-called 'Karen haircut' is known for all the wrong reasons


The choppy, inverted bob known as the “Karen haircut” features a side-swept fringe and thick, contrasting highlights.

However, the fashion trend gained its own momentum when it became associated with sour, middle-aged, and elderly women.

Milk + Blush’s Nicole Petty told Express.co.uk that the style can make you look “disjointed” and “unbalanced” and that it is “famous for all the wrong reasons.

In fact, the cut is “incredibly ageing,” so it is rarely a good choice for anyone, stigmas and all.

Although brief, the dramatic style packs a lot of information into a single image, which can be overwhelming.

However, short hairstyles aren’t necessarily out of fashion, and with the right styling, even the shortest cuts can look sophisticated and carefree.

Instead, Nicole suggested getting a pixie cut to draw attention to your face, lighten up thick hair, and give fine or thinning hair more texture and volume.

Depending on your face shape, a particular pixie cut will be more or less effective at doing this.

It’s best to ask your personal hairstylist if you’re unsure of your face shape.

If a woman is considering cutting her hair short but is concerned about making herself look older than she is, the stylist suggests trying out a blunt bob.

While it may be scary to make the cut, Nicole advises going for a style that rests at the same level as your cheek or jawbones to add definition and soften any harsh angles or lines that could make you look older.

Just don’t wear a fringe if you go for one of these styles, as it can “extra emphasis on creases around the eyes and jaw,” as the expert puts it.

However, if your face is longer or oval shaped, a full fringe can be the perfect accessory to help hide wrinkles and fine lines.


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