Despite patients waiting four months for surgery, the National Health Service (NHS) paid £15k to operate on pop star Gary Glitter’s knee.


Although NHS patients typically wait more than four months for surgery, pop star Gary Glitter was able to get his knee replaced for £15,000.

Last November, prison staff assigned to the pervert’s unit gave him a separate cell and kept watch over him around the clock.


Glitter was returned to prison last week after we revealed how he scoured a smartphone for the dark web in his bail hostel


The paedo spent five nights at Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester


The 78-year-old vile man’s “pervy” antics and vile stories of his life abroad, where he abused girls, disgusted the medical staff.

One of the hundreds of patients who has had to wait for an operation has criticized the decision as “totally unfair” last night.

Last week, The Sun on Sunday reported that Glitter had searched for the dark web on a smartphone while staying at a bail hostel, and he was promptly returned to prison.

New information, however, shows that he was held for five nights at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester while handcuffed to the bed and accompanied by two jail guards.

Last night, a source said, “Glitter seemed to come straight in and have a room waiting for him.

“It had been planned ahead of time, though we had no idea how long he had been waiting for the op in jail.”

He was booked in under his real name Paul Gadd.

He was a detainee at HMP The Verne, Dorset at the time.

The staff had been instructed not to differentiate him in any way from other patients or bring up his heinous past.

However, they were also warned not to give him any personal information and told to take off their last names from their ID badges.

A second reliable source of information added, “No one could believe the treatment he was getting, and he seemed to revel in the attention.

Glitter was overly friendly and outgoing while he was there. He probed the workers deeply, especially the younger women.

She was a young female nurse and he took a fancy to her because she was so attractive. He talked extensively about his travels, particularly his time spent in Cambodia and Vietnam, both of which he described as fantastic.

No remorse for his actions could be detected.

People working with him were cautioned to avoid any sort of physical contact.

According to our informant, Glitter also joked that hospital “service” was superior to that which she received while incarcerated. Most of his time was spent in bed, but he was usually sitting up and talking or reading.

His knee was degenerating with age, so he decided to have surgery. Nonetheless, it was hardly an emergency, and there are plenty of people who would benefit from knee replacements but can’t get them.

A source within the Ministry of Justice stated that jail administrators were obligated to provide inmates with the same standard of medical care available to the general public.

Tory MP for West Dorset Chris Loder, whose constituency includes the hospital, made the following statement last night: “Preferably Glitter would not be anywhere in West Dorset, let alone a local hospital.

No, he shouldn’t have routine surgery before people in the area who have been waiting a long time for care.

An NHS knee op typically costs around £15,000.

The cost of Glitter’s protection team and her trips would have been enormous.

185 people referred to Dorset County Hospital for knee surgery waited longer than the “accepted” 18 weeks, according to the latest NHS figures.

Rob Martinez, 66, who has arthritis, was not happy to hear about Glitter’s decision to have surgery.

This coming October, the former insurance consultant will undergo a double knee replacement.

A year passed before he could get his right knee operated on, and another six months before his left.

Rob from Sandhurst, Berkshire said, “The special treatment Glitter seems to have gotten is completely unfair. Just how did he manage to pull that off? It’s horrible that he was able to beat the net and score unimpeded.

“It is disturbing that while people often wait for a year or 18 months for these operations, and thousands are on waiting lists, that Glitter has had a knee op,” said former Met Police detective Mike Hames, who established the force’s paedophile unit.

Glitter, who was just released last month, was discovered using a smartphone in his bail hostel, as we reported last week. We exposed the villain’s discussion of search engines, in which he made reference to the “onion,” or dark web.

It prompted an investigation, which resulted in Monday night’s recall of Glitter.

Prior to their decision to send Glitter back to prison, authorities reportedly monitored his phone from a distance.

He is currently being held at Winchester Prison but will most likely be returned to The Verne in Dorset.

In 1999, Glitter went to prison for the first time after being caught in 1997 with 4,000 images of child abuse on his laptop.

Although he was freed and allowed to leave the country, Glitter was eventually expelled from Cambodia in 2002 on account of sex crime allegations.

He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in March 2006 after being found guilty of sexually abusing two Vietnamese girls, ages 10 and 11.

The former glam rocker was found guilty and sentenced to prison in 2015 for a series of high-profile sexual assaults.

He had invited two young women, ages 12 and 13, into his dressing room after a performance, where he proceeded to abuse them.

In 1975, he attempted to rape a third victim, this one younger than 10 years old, by sneaking into her bedroom.

He had been released halfway through a 16-year sentence, but was called back to prison this week.

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A representative for the Prison Service stated, “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”

A representative from Dorset County Hospital said she couldn’t provide any further information.

Victim in praise for our story

A VICTIM of serial abuser Gary Glitter thanked The Sun on Sunday yesterday for our reporting that led to his re-arrest.

At his trial in 2015, the woman was one of three witnesses who testified against him.

Through her attorney, she stated, “He should never have been released in the first place.”

On Monday, we sent Glitter back to prison for violating his parole.

“My client is grateful that Glitter was caught breaching his licence conditions thanks to excellent undercover work by journalists,” said Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon.

However, she is very worried that The Sun on Sunday had to publish this. Why didn’t the Probation Department pick him up?


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