Despite spending over $900 on my Titanic-themed nails (which feature the likenesses of Leo and Kate, among others), not everyone is impressed.


According to a NAIL PRO, a romance-obsessed beauty fan once ordered a set of nails modeled after the blockbuster film Titanic, which was released in the 1990s.

It’s been a while since Valentine’s Day, but that hasn’t stopped Maddox (@ballpit_nails) from sharing how she made someone’s romantic fantasies a reality on their nails.


To top it off, Maddox had also ordered a fake copy of the Heart of the Ocean necklace


The skilled beauty guru, presumably from the United States, called this “one of the craziest” requests she’d had in a while.

As Maddox explains in the clip, he was commissioned to recreate two of the most famous scenes from the Titanic starring Jack and Rose for $1,000.

After some discussion, they settled on depicting themselves against a sunset on the bow of the ship.

She went on to explain that the nail aficionados decided to recreate the “legendary moment” in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack first sees Rose on the interior staircase.

In addition, Maddox had purchased a miniature Heart of the Ocean necklace, which consisted of a small blue stone set in a long acrylic with numerous rhinestones.

The whole thing took 30 hours, but according to Maddox, it was well worth it.

”Oh my God, look how insane these turned out.

“I’m obsessed with Titanic, and I’ve cried more times watching it than I care to admit.”

While many were taken aback by the survey’s findings, others on the video-sharing app TikTok were confused by the price and claimed it was excessive.

Not bad, but not worth a thousand pounds, said one reviewer.

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Another noted: ”the faces are a bit off.”

”I’m genuinely curious tho, what does someone do with $1,000 press-ons,” a third asked incredulously.

Just how did you learn to paint so realistically? “Amazing talent,” the enthusiastic supporter wrote.

Maddox’s claims that she charges thousands of dollars for her designs caused her to go viral earlier this year.

Some of her Instagram posts feature intricate nail art depicting well-known musicians and actors, such as American pop star Billie Eilish and the cast of the 1990s Christmas comedy Home Alone.

Maddox has been criticized online for charging exorbitant prices for manicures, despite the fact that her impressive skillset has earned her a notable fanbase of nearly 92k followers.

One of the trolls was so taken aback by the price that they wondered who on earth would pay a thousand pounds for nails.

Although many people found Maddox’s designs to be impressive, they agreed that she should not demand such a high price without offering a guarantee of durability.

”Thank god I’ll never be this wasteful with money,” one Instagram user joked.

When Maddox received backlash for his exorbitant prices on the internet, he responded by justifying them.

She felt perfectly within her rights to demand such large payments from her customers.

The purpose of this article is to advocate for artists to receive fair compensation for their work.

“Despite the fact that many people still expect to pay less than $100 for nails, no matter how complex the design, the nail industry is lagging behind other luxury beauty services for some reason.

And of course, there are many scenarios in which charging between $50 and $100 for a service is reasonable.

“Don’t be afraid to charge more if you have years of experience and are painting highly detailed art.”

She also mentioned that the amount of effort put into creating these works of art was significant; for instance, she spent 20 hours on the Home Alone character designs that featured Macaulay Culkin.

The 18-hour animation mani of Coraline cost £576 and took just as long to complete.

“There are a lot of factors that go into pricing artwork like this.”

There were also many people who agreed with Maddox; one of them said, “People need to learn the difference between “this is out of my budget” and “this is overpriced.””

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I mean, those prices are more than fair,” someone else rushed to add in the comments. This is art!

Since your work requires a lot of time and effort, you should be compensated accordingly.

Maddox couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the final result - but some reckoned the faces were off



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