Despite the death of terrorist neo-Nazi Anders Breivik, YouTube continues to stream the racist lyric videos that served as his inspiration.


Terrorist Anders Breivik found inspiration in the racist music videos that are still available on YOUTUBE.

In his manifesto, the neo-Nazi named Swedish white supremacist Saga as an inspiration for his 2011 massacre of 77 people in Norway.


It “beggars belief,” said Sir Ivor Roberts, senior adviser at the Counter Extremism Project, that they are still uploading videos to YouTube after all this time.

He continued, “It’s sickening to think that children and vulnerable adults have easy access to material that essentially acts as recruiting videos, glamourizing and justifying a violent neo-Nazi cause.

It’s unrealistic to expect wealthy social media conglomerates to police their platforms for potentially harmful content under current legal frameworks.

Breivik received the maximum possible sentence in Norway, which is 21 years.

YouTube was approached for comment.


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