Did Deku’s doctor in “My Hero Academia” steal his quirk? Some fans believe that


The sixth season of My Hero Academia has finally begun, and the anime’s debut featured the appearance of Deku’s doctor — the same person who informed Deku as a child that he didn’t have a Quirk. He assisted All for One in the creation of Nomus, and he is now giving Tomura Shigaraki access to the villain’s power. Given that Deku’s doctor is working for the bad guys, some fans are speculating as to whether Deku actually had a quirk. According to their theory, it was stolen, which would have a significant impact on the anime’s plot.

[Warning: My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 spoilers following]

In Season 6 of “My Hero Academia,” Deku’s physician is back.

In the My Hero Academia Season 6 debut, the Pro Heroes prepare for battle, and some of the most powerful characters visit Jaku General Hospital. Kyudai Garaki, Deku’s physician, is managing the transfer of All for One to Tomura Shigaraki there.

The servant of the villain All for One is Deku’s doctor, as we learned during Season 5 of My Hero Academia. And it appears that he is still up to no good because Endeavor and his colleagues are welcomed at Jaku by a number of Nomu.

Fans have questioned whether Kyudai Garaki was truthful with Deku years ago given what he gets up to working for All for One. In fact, some people think Deku might have actually had a Quirk as a kid.

One fan theory attributes Deku’s lack of a Quirk to the doctor.

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Fans of My Hero Academia have pondered whether Deku’s doctor was telling the truth about Deku’s quirk all those years ago ever since it was made clear that he was a villain. He and All for One have a propensity for stealing Quirks, after all. Even though Kyudai Garaki’s victims frequently turn into Nomus, it isn’t completely impossible for him and All for One to steal someone else’s power and use it themselves.

Fans speculated on Reddit that Deku’s doctor might take his Quirk before My Hero Academia premieres. And while some people didn’t think the idea could work, others supported such a twist.

Since AfO could still use quirks as his own at this time, one fan wrote, “That’s what I currently believe would make the most sense.”

Another person chimed in, “This is a theory, and it’s actually likely.”

Of course, before drawing any conclusions, we’ll need to learn more about the doctor’s nefarious actions. But if Deku’s physician really did take his Quirk, it drastically alters the tone of My Hero Academia.

This hypothesis, if true, would alter the character of “My Hero Academia.”

Deku not having a Quirk is the basis of My Hero Academia’s entire plot, so if his doctor stole his original power, it would significantly alter the course of the narrative. It’s difficult to say whether that would be good or bad. A Quirkless child having the potential to become the greatest hero in the world is a significant development that might not work as well with such a twist.

This hypothesis would, of course, explain why Deku did not acquire any abilities despite both of his parents possessing Quirks. In the My Hero universe, especially among Deku’s generation, that is somewhat unusual.

The setup is there, but we’ll have to wait and see if the anime decides to take this tack. And now that Kyudai Garaki is back, it’s the ideal time to go into more detail about his wrongdoing.

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