Disappointed customers have noticed Apple’s “bittersweet” removal of five best-selling products from shelves.


The news that APPLE is no longer producing five of its most sought-after products has left many customers bewildered.

On occasion, Apple will cease production of a product because it is now considered “vintage” or “obsolete.”


When Apple “stopped distributing for sale more than 5 and less than 7 years ago,” the product is considered vintage.

The term “obsolete” is used to describe a product when Apple no longer sells it or supports it.

A few months ago, Apple expanded the list to include five additional best-sellers.

27-inch iMac

After the release of the Mac Studio display, Apple announced last year that it would no longer produce its 27-inch iMac.

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Apple introduced the iMac for the first time in 1998, but the 27-inch model wasn’t available until 2013.

Many people adored this iMac model because it was significantly larger than the largest iMac available at the time, which was 24 inches.

iPod touch

In May of 2022, Apple made the decision to no longer produce the iPod Touch.

The device’s initial release on September 5, 2007 was a game-changer.

Apple has stated that the latest iOS 16 is not compatible with any iPod touch models, so we should not hold our breath for a comeback.

Apple Watch Edition

Sadly, Apple Watch Edition is another best-seller that has been discontinued.

Cases for the Apple Watch Edition came in either space black or highly polished stainless steel.

However, Apple no longer considers it a viable product after the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra in September, which features a titanium casing.

Apple TV HD

When the third-generation Apple TV 4K was released last October, it marked the end of production for the Apple TV HD, which had been on the market since 2015.

Price-wise, the new Apple TV 4K model is more reasonable than the previous generation.

5W Power Adapter

The Apple iPhone compact 5W charger is the last item on the list of obsolete products.

Last summer, Apple decided to stop including the accessory with the iPhone 3G and later models.

Because of two separate voluntary safety recalls, Apple made the decision to end production of the product.

The 5W charger has a slower USB-A port instead of the faster USB-C port found on Apple’s chargers.

User reactions

Many customers were devastated by the news of the products’ retirement, and they vented their frustrations on various social media platforms.

One person felt that the 27-inch iMac model should not have been phased out.

Mac Studio just doesn’t have the same vibe. The convenience of an iMac’s all-in-one desktop setup is something I’ve come to miss, they said.

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It’s a bittersweet moment. I think we can all agree that our iPods have played a significant role in some of our most treasured memories.

In 2005, I received an iPod as a graduation present and it changed my life. The progress that has been made since then is incredible,” remarked a third party.


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