Discover how Hilarie Burton’s favorite ‘One Tree Hill’ character manifests in ‘Outer Banks’ for an unforgettable journey beyond your wildest imagination!


Hilarie Burton Believes One Tree Hill Character Junk Made His Way to Outer Banks

Hilarie Burton Believes This One Tree Hill Character Made His Way to Outer Banks Dating History From Cody Simpson to Zayn Malik

Hilarie Burton Morgan is convinced that One Tree Hill and Outer Banks exist in the same universe.

Hilarie Burton’s Theory

During a recent episode of the “Drama Queens” podcast, Hilarie Burton shared her theory that Cullen Moss’ character, Junk, from One Tree Hill grew up to become Deputy Shoupe on Netflix’s Outer Banks.

“I love Cullen’s crossover into Outer Banks. Because I don’t care that the characters have different names. In my mind, Junk is the cop in Outer Banks,” Burton quipped, supported by cohost Bethany Joy Lenz. “Good for him, man, that’s exactly where Junk should be right now. Just dealing with some meddling kids.”

Moss, who appeared on two other North Carolina-based shows before joining the cast of Outer Banks, has played various roles in shows such as Dawson’s Creek. His character, Junk, was one of Lucas’ River Court basketball pals in One Tree Hill. In Outer Banks, Moss portrays Deputy Shoupe, an antagonist turned good-hearted cop who helps find the Pogues after they’re reported missing.

North Carolina: The Hub of Teen Dramas

North Carolina has been widely known for producing teen dramas since the 1990s, serving as the filming location for popular shows like One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek. Outer Banks, although set in OBX, films in Charleston, South Carolina, just four hours away.

Over the years, the casts of these shows have discussed the advantages of filming in the Carolinas. Michelle Williams, who played Jen Lindley in Dawson’s Creek, explained that the humble Southern town provided a safe and nurturing working environment for the young actors. She expressed gratitude for the crew who took care of them and made sure they were responsible and attended to their personal needs.

The stars of Outer Banks also shared their experiences filming in Charleston. Chase Stokes, who plays John B, noted that living in the filming location allowed the cast to fully immerse themselves in their characters’ world. Stokes’ costar, Jonathan Daviss, mentioned the beautiful landscapes they got to witness, including breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that brought the cast together.

The Ultimate Teen Drama Showdown

When asked which Carolinas-based show would triumph in a teen drama showdown, the cast of Outer Banks confidently declared themselves as the winners. Chase Stokes joked that Cullen Moss, having appeared in both One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek, would ultimately side with them even though they believed their show would emerge victorious. They playfully suggested a battle royale between the two shows.

Moss seems to enjoy the connection between the shows, as he once tweeted, “Look who made it out of Tree Hill and now wears a badge and comments on abandoned lamps? This guy! Y’all binge some Outer Banks!”

While it may just be a theory, Hilarie Burton’s belief that Junk transformed into Deputy Shoupe in Outer Banks adds an exciting twist to the interconnectedness of these popular teen dramas set in the Carolinas.


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