Discover Lieke Klaver, the sexiest sprinter in the world, who is “breaking” TikTok and making her fans go wild with her steamy photos and videos.


SPRINGER Lieke Klaver’s sizzling photos and videos are trending on TikTok.

Klaver is considered to be one of the world’s sexiest athletes, putting her in direct competition with Alica Schmidt.


And often trends on Tiktok


She has almost 700k followers on Instagram


Klaven is a sprinter for the Netherlands


The Dutch track and field star didn’t bring home a medal from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but he did garner a lot of online love and support.

For the Dutch team, Klaver participated in both the men’s and women’s relays.

Even though she doesn’t have her own TikTok account, she still manages to become a regular phenomenon on the video-sharing website.

TikTokers have been using her name as a hashtag because they are so enamored with her appearance that they frequently make jokes about relocating to Holland.

Since then, she has amassed almost 700,000 followers on Instagram thanks to this cultish following.

She took up running when she was 9 years old and has twice made it to the Olympic finals.

In 2021 and 2023, Klaver’s 4x400m relay team took first place at the European Indoor Championships.

In 2022, she also triumphed in the same competition at the European Championships and took home the gold medal.


But the 24-year-old is more than just a track star; she has a degree in applied sciences from the prestigious HAN University.

But that doesn’t stop her from training nine days a week; her only day off is Sunday.

After initially stating that she had “no interest in athletics,” Klaver eventually agreed to “give it a try” because of parental pressure.

To which she elaborated, “I really wanted to dance but my mother thought, ‘You are always running with your brother so you two can take up athletics?’

“I was planning on running the 100 and 200 meters, but my coach recommended the 400 because of my height.”

The majority of her Instagram feed is taken up by pictures of her competing and preparing for races.

Off the track, however, she loves spending time with her pals and going on vacation.

Klaver enjoyed hitting the beach on her breaks from competing


Klavern did not originally want to be a sprinter


But she has now won medals for her performances on the track



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