Discover the Dangerous Toys to Avoid this Holiday Season with our Catastrophic Injury Lawyer


Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Shares the Toys You Should Avoid This Holiday Season

If you’re worried about whether or not a toy could be potentially hazardous to a child, it might be a good idea to hear what a catastrophic death/injury lawyer like the popular legal representative who advertises his services on TikTok, Tommy the Lawyer (@tommythelawyer).

And because the holiday season was approaching, Tommy thought it would be prudent to share some gifts he would steer clear of, presumably because of the number of cases he’s seen or researched that have involved death or serious bodily injury involving these toys/gifts geared towards children.

Identifying Unsafe Toys

In a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 4.7 million views on the popular social media platform, Tommy looks into the camera and says: “As a catastrophic injury and death lawyer who deals with some of the worst stuff on a daily basis and I know people are out there doing Holiday shopping. There are the three kids’ toys that I would absolutely never use or buy under any circumstance.”

  • Water Beads: Tommy warns against these tiny plastic beads, such as Orbeez, which have been linked to multiple cases of intestinal obstructions and even death in children.
  • Button Batteries: Toys with button batteries pose a significant choking and chemical hazard, as they can cause severe internal injury if swallowed by a child.
  • Incline Sleeper Devices: Any baby sleeper device that’s not completely flat can pose a risk to an infant’s safety and has caused serious harm in the past.

Addressing Specific Risks

Tommy details the dangers associated with each of these toys, providing insight into the potential harm they can cause. He stresses the need for consumer awareness and urges parents and gift-givers to exercise caution in selecting toys for children, especially during the holiday season.

Response and Support

On TikTok, Tommy’s warnings have received widespread support from concerned individuals, who echo his sentiments and call for greater oversight in the production and marketing of these hazardous toys. Healthcare professionals and others in related fields have expressed their agreement with his concerns, highlighting the urgency of the issue.

Preventing Harm

It’s clear that the potential risks associated with certain toys can have severe and lasting consequences for children. Tommy’s insights serve as an important reminder for parents and consumers to prioritize safety when selecting gifts for kids, and to be vigilant about the potential dangers of seemingly harmless toys.

Parents and gift-givers should carefully research and vet toys before purchasing them, taking into account any potential hazards or safety concerns. As Tommy’s TikTok has demonstrated, being well-informed and proactive is crucial in safeguarding children from preventable harm.


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