Discover the Enchanting Abode of Christine Brown in 2023 – Unveiling the Ultimate Dwelling of Serenity and Unparalleled Elegance!

Christine Brown seen in her Kitchen during a segment for 'Cooking with Just Christine'

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Christine Brown’s life looks much different now than it does in the footage captured for season 18 of ‘Sister Wives’. The reality TV star has a new love and is living in a new state in 2023. We have all the details about where she is.

Christine Brown left Kody Brown and secured herself a brand new life. The Sister Wives star announced her divorce in November 2021, months after she moved away from her plural family. Since then, she’s amassed even more social media followers, launched a solo cooking series on TLC Go, and found a new love. Weeks away from walking down the aisle, Christine Brown seems happier in 2023 than she ever has been, and where she lives seems to have contributed to her positive vibes. 

Christine Brown moved to Murray, Utah, in 2021 

Christine Brown didn’t find happiness in Flagstaff, Arizona. After the Brown family moved to the state in 2018, things really unraveled for the plural family. It would make sense that Christine would want to leave a state that brought her such heartache behind as quickly as possible. She did just that. 

Kody Brown and Christine Brown discuss the logistics of Christine's move in front of her Flagstaff home in season 17 of 'Sister Wives'

Following her separation from Kody Brown, Christine moved from Flagstaff to Murray, Utah. Christine, along with her only minor child, Truely Brown, settled into a rented home in the town of just 50,000. The location made perfect sense for the family. Murray is the same town where Aspyn Thompson, Christine’s eldest daughter, lives with her husband, Mitch Thompson. Mykelti Padron, Tony Padron, and their three children lived nearby. 

Christine Brown and David Woolley are living in Lehi, Utah, in 2023

Murray, Utah, wasn’t the final stop for Christine and Truely Brown, though. In 2023, Christine and her now 12-year-old daughter vacated their rental property to move to a home Christine purchased with her new love, David Woolley. Christine and David bought the house in a planned community shortly before they announced their engagement. 

According to In Touch, the duo purchased the house in Lehi, Utah, in March 2023. Property records indicate that the couple paid $770,000 for the 4,200-square-foot property. Christine Brown’s new house was built in 2023 and features four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The backyard of the property looks out onto a mountain range. 

The mother of six has lived in Lehi before 

While Christine is making a new life for herself and her new love in Lehi, it’s not the first time she’s called the city of 80,000 home. When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, the Brown family resided in Lehi, Utah. The plural family purchased a house with three separate apartments years earlier. 

While the Browns were largely happy in Utah, they fled to Las Vegas due to strict polygamy laws in Utah. Later, when polygamy was decriminalized in Utah, Christine floated the idea of the family returning. By the time Christine made the suggestion, the Browns had already left Las Vegas and were settled in Flagstaff, Arizona. The refusal to move, a lack of physical intimacy, and unequal treatment from Kody Brown eventually led to Christine and Kody’s big split. 

Christine Brown’s New Life and Where She Lives in 2023

Christine Brown, best known as one of the stars of the reality TV show ‘Sister Wives,’ has undergone a significant transformation in her life since her divorce from Kody Brown in November 2021. After leaving her plural family and the state of Arizona behind, Christine has found a newfound sense of happiness and contentment in Murray, Utah.

Christine Brown’s Decision to Leave Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona, was not a place of happiness for Christine Brown and her family. After the Brown family relocated to Flagstaff in 2018, their lives began to unravel, leading Christine to seek a fresh start elsewhere. In pursuit of a new beginning, she made the decision to leave Arizona behind and move to Murray, Utah.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown discussing the logistics of Christine's move in front of her Flagstaff home
Kody Brown and Christine Brown discussing the logistics of Christine’s move in front of her Flagstaff home

Christine, along with her youngest daughter, Truely Brown, settled into a rented home in Murray, a town with a population of approximately 50,000. The location was a strategic choice for Christine, as her eldest daughter, Aspyn Thompson, and her husband Mitch Thompson, also reside in Murray. Additionally, Mykelti Padron, Tony Padron, and their three children lived nearby, creating a supportive community for Christine and her family.

Christine Brown’s New Life in Lehi, Utah

However, Murray, Utah, was not their final destination. In 2023, Christine and Truely Brown moved once again, this time to Lehi, Utah, where they purchased a new home. Christine and her new love, David Woolley, bought a 4,200-square-foot property in a planned community in


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