Discover the Exclusive ‘Sanctuary’ of Prince William’s Ultra-Private Eton College Residence


Inside Prince William’s Time at Eton College

After growing up in one of the most famous families on Earth, Prince William reportedly relished his time at Eton College from 1995 to 2000. The prestigious school in Berkshire allowed him privacy to study, take part in sports, and make friends like every other pupil. The press had limited access to King Charles and Princess Diana’s eldest son during his time at Eton, providing him with a relatively normal school experience despite his royal status. This meant there were few photos inside the Prince of Wales’ accommodation, Manor House, offering a rare glimpse into the private life of the young prince. Each Eton student lives in one of 25 houses on campus, along with approximately 50 other pupils of all ages. William stayed in Manor House, which was also the home of the Duke of Wellington and Prince Harry.

Prince William’s Living Quarters at Eton

Each Eton student has a private room on campus, and William’s was known for being very studious. The teenager was often pictured sitting at a large white desk in front of his chunky 90s computer and keyboard, below a pinboard displaying various notes and letters regarding his studies. Beside the window, he kept a small table topped with a green tartan cloth, a TV, and a telephone. His room also had blue and white geometric print curtains at the windows, showcasing his simple and modest living space.

Prince William’s Kitchen

Photographs released on his 18th birthday provided an inside look at William’s Eton home, including his kitchen. The space featured wooden floors, yellow and white walls, and white cupboards, while William and his co-students had a selection of wooden utensils. Another view of the kitchen showed a hatch opening up onto the living area, providing flexibility in creating separate spaces with the use of curtains. The presence of a sink beneath the hatch, with a metallic silver tap, added to the simplistic yet functional design of the kitchen.

Prince William’s Influence at Eton

Prince William was the first senior member of the royal family to attend Eton, paving the way for his brother, Prince Harry, who joined him in 1998. William was part of a prestigious prefect society known as “Pop” and achieved academic success, being awarded 12 GCSEs and three A-levels. Harry’s recollection of his time at Eton differed from William’s positive experience, as he described it as isolating and overwhelming. These contrasting experiences shed light on the impact of attending such a renowned institution as a member of the royal family.

Prince William’s Impact on Eton College

Prince William’s time at Eton College signified a historic moment as the first senior member of the royal family to attend the prestigious institution. His influence was evident in the subsequent attendance of his brother, Prince Harry, solidifying the royal connection to the school. The contrast in their individual experiences at Eton shed light on the complexities of growing up in the public eye and navigating the challenges of academic and social life under such circumstances. Both brothers’ experiences provide valuable insights into the dynamics of elite education and the effects of royal status on personal development.


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