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Elvis Presley: The Special Gift from Daughter Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis Presley, the legendary king of rock and roll, left an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industries. His unexpected death in 1977 sent shockwaves around the world. At just 9 years old, Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, faced the devastating loss of her father. In the midst of mourning, Lisa Marie wanted to give her father something special as a final goodbye. She carefully selected a memento that would be buried with her beloved father. Let’s delve into the details of this heartfelt gesture.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Sentimental Gift to Elvis Presley

The death of Elvis Presley reverberated across the globe, but for his family, it was an immensely personal loss. A book titled “The King is Dead” by funeral director Robert Kendall sheds light on a touching moment between Lisa Marie and her father’s caretaker. According to Kendall, Lisa Marie approached him and asked if she could give something to her daddy. She presented a silver bangle bracelet, which was then placed on Elvis’ right wrist. It was a secret token of love from a daughter bidding farewell to her father.

The Enormous Public Outpouring at Graceland

Elvis Presley’s funeral procession and public viewing drew immense crowds, showcasing the vast impact he had on his fans. Thousands of fans lined Elvis Presley Boulevard, waiting to pay their respects. As many as 25,000 individuals walked past Elvis’ body to bid their final farewell. In an effort to accommodate all who wished to show their respects, Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, extended the viewing period. Elvis’ body was displayed in a copper casket, dressed in a white suit, light blue shirt, and white tie.

From Memphis Graveyard to Graceland’s Meditation Garden

After the public viewing, Elvis Presley’s body was initially laid to rest in Forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis. However, due to an attempted body theft, Elvis and his mother, Gladys Presley, were relocated to their final resting place in Graceland’s Meditation Garden. Vernon Presley, Elvis’ father, reportedly obtained approval for six underground burial plots to ensure the safety of their bodies. Today, fans can freely visit the Meditation Garden as admission charges are prohibited, in accordance with the family’s wishes.

A Family Gravesite for the Presleys

Vernon Presley’s burial alongside his son and wife cemented the Meditation Garden as a family graveyard. Subsequently, Elvis’ grandmother, Minne May Presley, was laid to rest beside her son. In 2020, Elvis’ grandson, Benjamin Keough, found his final resting place in the same garden. Tragically, in 2023, Lisa Marie Presley herself was interred next to her son. Graceland’s Meditation Garden stands as a place of eternal peace for the Presley family.


Lisa Marie Presley’s meaningful gesture of giving her father, Elvis Presley, a special gift before his burial showcases the depth of their bond. The enormous public outpouring of love and respect at Graceland reflects the massive impact Elvis had on his fans. The relocation of his body from a Memphis graveyard to Graceland’s Meditation Garden ensured the perpetual safety of Elvis and his mother, Gladys. The garden ultimately became a family gravesite, providing eternal rest for the Presley family. These poignant moments serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of Elvis Presley’s music and his lasting influence on popular culture.


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