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Title: Kevin Cataneo Salazar Arrested as Suspect in Ambush-Style Murder of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer


In a shocking incident that rocked the community, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer was shot and killed in an ambush-style attack. The suspect, Kevin Cataneo Salazar, was quickly identified and arrested by authorities within 36 hours of the murder. Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna expressed his pride in the swift action taken by law enforcement. This article provides an in-depth account of the events surrounding the murder, including community involvement, the suspect’s arrest, the motive, and the impact on Ryan Clinkunbroomer’s family.

Community Members Play Crucial Role in Identifying the Suspect

Following a press conference on September 17, 2023, community members came forward with vital information that led homicide detectives to identify Kevin Cataneo Salazar as the suspect. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department promptly obtained a warrant and surrounded Salazar’s residence in Palmdale. Despite barricading himself for several hours, Salazar eventually surrendered to authorities after the deployment of chemical agents.

Sheriff Luna Calls Salazar a ‘Coward’ and Speaks on Motive

During the initial news conference, Sheriff Luna stated that the incident appeared to be a targeted act. It remains unclear whether Deputy Clinkunbroomer was specifically targeted or if it was an attack on law enforcement in general. In subsequent remarks, Sheriff Luna referred to the suspect as a “coward” and expressed his bewilderment regarding the motive behind the senseless act of violence. Clinkunbroomer, a dedicated law enforcement officer from a third-generation law enforcement family, leaves behind his fiancée and grieving parents.

Surveillance Video Captures the Ambush

Surveillance footage from the Sheriff’s station captured the tragic moment when Salazar’s vehicle pulled alongside Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s squad car at a red light. The suspect’s vehicle quickly sped away after the encounter, leaving Clinkunbroomer’s car to stop momentarily before the fatal attack. Luna expressed disgust that the shooting seemingly occurred solely because the deputy was in uniform, emphasizing the sickening nature of the incident.

Family and Community Mourn the Loss of Deputy Clinkunbroomer

The Clinkunbroomer family released a statement reflecting on Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer’s dedication and hard work as a deputy sheriff. Describing him as a proud law enforcement officer, the family acknowledged his recent engagement and expressed their love and pride in him. Remembered as an officer who embodied bravery, selflessness, and unwavering commitment to justice, Clinkunbroomer’s death is mourned not only by his family but also by the wider community.

Suspect’s Mental Health Background Revealed

Kevin Salazar’s mother revealed that her son had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and had previously attempted suicide, indicating struggles with mental illness. She claimed that her son was not in his full mental capacity during the incident. According to her, he had often expressed paranoid thoughts about being followed by cars or people. While law enforcement officials confirmed Salazar as the shooter, his mental health history raises important questions about his ability to understand the consequences of his actions.


The tragic loss of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer has sent shockwaves through the Los Angeles County community. Swift action by law enforcement led to the identification and arrest of the suspect, Kevin Cataneo Salazar. As the investigation unfolds, details surrounding the motive and mental state of the suspect continue to emerge. The community, along with Clinkunbroomer’s family and colleagues, mourn the loss of a dedicated deputy sheriff who lived by the values of bravery, selflessness, and justice.

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