Discover Toddy Smith’s Thrilling Journey: From Vlog Squad Star to Captivating Music and Beyond! (EXCLUSIVE)


Toddy Smith Has Been Busy — the Former Vlog Squad Member Talks Music and More (EXCLUSIVE)

You’ll probably recognize Toddy Smith from any one of David Dobrik’s chaotic vlogs. There’s that time he let David tase him. Or when David shot him with a paintball gun by surprise (many times).

Toddy’s Music Career Takes Center Stage

Toddy has always had a YouTube channel of his own, though in recent years he’s been doing a lot more than posting similarly chaotic (and hilarious) videos. For one, he’s been posting a lot more about his music — and he has big plans in the works for those who have loved the singles he’s already put out.

Toddy Smith has been leaning into his music career as of late. He’s hoping to release “a couple more songs, hopefully before the holidays,” so fans of his music have more to look forward to before the end of the year. But instead of dishing out a whole album at once, Toddy says he’ll probably stick to singles for now, doling out new music one track at a time.

“I was thinking like an EP, but then I was talking to some friends and they were like ‘Just drop singles like so you can stretch them out,” he said. “So then the plan is just to put the singles into an album on Spotify.”

While that seems to be the current plan, Toddy says that he’s not opposed to eventually creating an album — but the logistics with his friends who produce would have to work out for such a project to ever come to fruition.

“It would be cool, it just takes a lot of time, and my friends that produce, they’re busy… It just takes a long time,” Toddy said. “The goal would be to go live with someone and do an album or an EP for a couple of weeks. You know, really just get it all done at once. I haven’t done that yet, but I want to.”

Preparing for Live Performances

In addition to his music, Toddy has also been preparing for possible live performances. He shared that he had a vivid dream where he performed live and woke up with the determination to make it happen. He now meets with his vocal coach once a week to rehearse his songs, finding the process therapeutic.

While he previously performed as a backup for Scotty Sire on tour, Toddy hinted at the possibility of performing on an upcoming tour alongside Jason Nash and Scotty. However, he assured his followers that he would share the details once the tour is finalized.

Expanding His Brand Beyond YouTube

Toddy has been keeping himself busy with more than just music. Since David Dobrik stopped posting videos, he has been working on various ventures outside of YouTube. He co-launched a clothing line called Gothic Mochas and a cannabis brand called Happy Face, both in collaboration with friends from outside the Vlog Squad.

While working on these brands, Toddy emphasized the importance of collaboration and learning to work with people who have different styles and preferences. Despite the challenges, he is proud of each of these brands and enjoys the ongoing process of building his name and brand recognition.


Since his days in the Vlog Squad, Toddy Smith has been keeping busy with his music career, preparing for live performances, and launching his own brands. With plans to release more singles and a possible tour on the horizon, Toddy’s future looks promising. Despite the challenges and the need for collaboration, he remains proud of his accomplishments and continues to grow his personal brand beyond YouTube.


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