Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s poignant return to GMA3, brimming with heartfelt emotions, pays tribute to the cherished memory of her late co-star.


Dr. Jennifer Ashton Pays Tribute to Late Co-Star Howard Bragman

The start of a new season of GMA3 brought a mix of emotions for Dr. Jennifer Ashton. As she prepared alongside co-stars DeMarco Morgan and Eva Pilgrim, her thoughts turned to her late friend and co-star, Howard Bragman. Howard, a TV physician who had previously appeared on GMA, passed away earlier this year after battling Leukemia at the age of 66.

Remembering Howard Bragman

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, enjoying a cup of coffee before the show, couldn’t help but think of Howard. She took to social media, posting a photo of her coffee and writing, “I see you Howard, all the time, and I miss you.” This wasn’t the first time Jennifer paid tribute to her late friend. At the time of Howard’s passing, she shared a photo of him smiling, remembering him as a “giving and loving teddy bear.”

A Lasting Impression

Howard had an impact on Jennifer’s life that she will carry with her forever. She fondly recalled his presence at her wedding, just moments before she walked down the aisle, and referred to it as a gift she will cherish. She ended her tribute with a heartfelt request, “Send me butterflies my friend; I will be looking for you always.”

A Year of Change for GMA3

GMA3 has experienced significant changes this year, including the addition of co-hosts DeMarco Morgan and Eva Pilgrim. This came after the departure of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, who left ABC News following the revelation of their extra-marital affair. The show continues to evolve, and Jennifer embraces her new co-stars and the close bond they share.

A Night to Celebrate

Recently, Jennifer, DeMarco, and Eva had the opportunity to celebrate a joyous occasion together. They attended the wedding of fellow GMA star Robin Roberts and her long-term partner, Amber Laign. Jennifer took to social media to express her joy, describing the wedding as beautiful and the brides as stunning. The trio clearly values their friendship inside and outside of work.

Looking Ahead

Jennifer’s reflective mood at the start of the new season stems from taking some time off and recharging. As GMA3 enters a new chapter, Jennifer is excited for what lies ahead. She remains dedicated to providing informative and engaging content to viewers, alongside her talented co-hosts DeMarco Morgan and Eva Pilgrim.

As the GMA3 team continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of television, one thing remains constant—Jennifer’s commitment to making a difference and honoring the memory of those who have touched her life, like Howard Bragman.


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