Drake Features Mesmerizing Halle Berry Slime Photo on Latest Single Cover — Her Reaction Will Leave You in Awe!


Drake Used a Slime Photo of Halle Berry on His New Single Cover — She Isn’t Amused

Drake has a new song out and used a Halle Berry photo for the single cover. What’s the controversy? The image shows Halle getting slimed.

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There’s nothing we love better than celebrity drama and gossip. In our defense, it is literally our job to keep up with it. Nevertheless, we still love to know what the tea is.

And apparently, Halle Berry has some beef with Drake, which seems a bit random. So what happened? Well, Drake used a photo of Halle Berry to promote his new single and didn’t have her permission to do so.

What’s the controversy? We break down what we know below.

Drake Uses Unauthorized Halle Berry Photo for New Single

The photo of Halle Berry getting slimed is from the 25th Annual Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards that took place in 2012. Why would Drake pull up such an old photo? Well, it was to promote his new song “Slime You Out (feat. SZA)” which came out on Sept. 15, 2023. The photo in question is clearly playing on the title of the song.

Halle Berry Reacts to Unauthorized Use of Her Photo

Well, apparently, Drake didn’t have Halle’s permission to use the said photo. In an Instagram post, Halle wrote, “Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy… even if you’re a woman!” This post seemed very pointed at Drake, and the comments confirmed it.

One person pointed out that the photo is owned by Getty Images and suggested that Drake must have obtained their permission and paid the fee. It’s confirmed that the image is indeed owned by Getty Images. Halle responded to this comment saying, “Cuz he asked me, and I said ‘No’ that’s why. Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do? That was the f–k you to me. Not cool. You get it?”

Halle also expressed her disappointment, stating, “When people you admire disappoint you, you have to be the bigger person and move on!” It’s evident that Halle feels disrespected by Drake’s actions.

Halle Berry Questions the Meaning of “Slime You Out”

Halle seemed to be taken aback by the phrase “slime you out” and questioned its exact meaning. A fan left a comment, “‘Slime you’ — what does that mean exactly? Hmm,” to which Halle replied, “Exactly! What does that mean?” It seems that in addition to the unauthorized use of her photo, Halle is also concerned about the sexual implications of the song title and its connection to her image.

Drake’s Response and the Future of the Controversy

As of now, Drake has not publicly commented on the controversy. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and if there will be any resolution between Drake and Halle Berry.

In conclusion, the unauthorized use of Halle Berry’s photo by Drake for his new single has sparked controversy. Halle Berry expressed her disappointment and questioned the meaning behind the song title. The response from Drake and the ultimate resolution of this issue are yet to be determined.


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