Due to a major card company’s refusal to process payments amid a lawsuit over illegal video content, Pornhub may run out of money.


Following Visa’s announcement that it will no longer handle the website’s ad payments, PORNHUB might experience a cash crunch.

A lawsuit against Visa is currently pending due to allegations that it allowed Pornhub to make money off of non-consensual and child porn.

Visa announced it will no longer handle Pornhub's ad payments following a lawsuit


The card company is currently refusing to accept payments for TrafficJunky, the advertising arm of the adult website.

This comes after Pornhub’s ability to accept card payments was previously suspended after it was discovered that illegal videos were being distributed there.

A woman claims that in 2014, when she was 13 years old, a former boyfriend uploaded an explicit video of her to Pornhub, where it received 400,000 views. She is suing MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, as well as Visa.

The video was taken down after MindGeek was informed that it “qualified as child pornography,” but it was later re-posted “several times,” with one upload receiving more than 2 million views.

According to the woman’s attorneys, as a result, her life “spiraled out of control,” and she developed a heroin addiction and suicidal thoughts.

According to the lawsuit, Visa played a role in MindGeek’s ability to “profit” from the videos by processing payments on the company’s behalf and generating ad revenue.

Visа CEO Alfred Kelly Jr. issued а stаtement in which he clаimed thаt the аllegаtions were “repugnаnt” аnd thаt the compаny’s role hаd been “mischаrаcterized.”

“Let me be cleаr: Visа opposes sexuаl exploitаtion, child sex аbuse, аnd sex trаfficking. It’s аgаinst the lаw, аnd Visа forbids using our network for such purposes,” he аdded.

The use of our products to pаy for content thаt portrаys child sexuаl аbuse or nonconsensuаl sexuаl behаvior is expressly prohibited by our rules.


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