Due to her ex-boyfriend Devin Booker’s beef with her new boyfriend Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner has posted a mysterious quote on Instagram.


KENDALL JENNER has shared a quote on Instagram that she says has helped her move on from the fight between her ex-boyfriend and her new boyfriend.

While her boy toys are having an online and musical feud, Kendall seems to have found some serenity, and she’s sharing it with the world by posting a quote to her Instagram Story.


Bad Bunny appears to have started it by taking a swipe at Devin in a song lyric


The admonition in the quote was to treat oneself kindly. Like the trees and the stars, you are a product of the cosmos and thus have every right to be here.

And whether or not you can see it, everything in the universe is developing exactly as it should. As a result, make peace with God, whoever or however you understand Him to be, and remember that your soul’s well-being is more important than trying to achieve external success in the midst of life’s cacophonous confusion.

Despite the deceit, monotony, and dashed hopes, this world is stunning nonetheless. Just try to find the good in things. Do what you can to brighten up your life.

The model merely accompanied the Max Ehrmann quote with a red heart emoji.

Kendall's ex Devin Booker claps back at Bad Bunny after star disses him
Bad Bunny fans think star disses girlfriend Kendall Jenner's ex Devin in new song

Someone who is a fan of the KUWTK show shared the Instagram Story on a discussion forum.

“Kenny staying zen and unbothered through the Bad Bunny/Devin drama,” the thread’s creator titled it. I think this is a great gift for her.

In response, another supporter said, “There isn’t any Devin-Kendall drama tho. Devin has just responded to Bad Bunny’s diss. “Kendall was never even mentioned.”


It would appear that in his new song “Coco Chanel,” Bad Bunny is making fun of Kendall’s ex-boyfriend, Devin Booker.

Fans noted in a discussion thread that the singer of the hit song Verano Sin Ti made fun of Devin Booker, a player for the Phoenix Suns.

It was sung that “the sun in Puerto Rico heats up more than the one in Phoenix.”

Since Kendall is a Scorpio, the fan believes the song’s line “Scorpio women are dangerous” is a reference to the Hulu actress.

Fans claimed in the comments section that the Puerto Rican rapper “is sending shots” at the NBA player.

A supporter exclaimed, “Can’t believe Devin fumbled Kendall!”

One supporter speculated, “I wonder if Devin was trying to get Kendall back or something. Bad Bunny is now firing shots. It’s official; I own her now! Many humorous moments.


After the release of Bad Bunny’s song, Devin felt compelled to criticize him over the song’s lyrics.

The singer seems to agree with the general consensus of his fan base that the song is about him. That tune didn’t sit well with him.

In the Instagram comments of a music-focused account, Devin was overheard criticizing his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

‘#BadBunny just sent some subliminals to #DevinBooker on his version on ‘Coco Chanel,” read the post’s caption. “Do y’all think he wants everyone to know he’s dating #KendallJenner now!?”

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He wrote: “He worried about another MAN again.”

It was an open and obvious criticism of Bad Bunny that he had yet to respond to.

Devin responded publically through an Instagram comment


Bad Bunny has not responded to Devin's comment as of yet


Devin clearly believed the lyrics were aimed at him and his relationship with Kendall



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