During a chaotic moment, an NHL goaltender forgets he’s mic’d up and tries to fight his opponent before being dragged away by officials.


Marc-Andre Fleury, goaltender for the Minnesota Wild, was trying to fight St. Jordan Binnington, goaltender for the St.

Despite the fact that the fight was stopped by the officials, the microphones caught Fleury having a hilarious exchange with one of the refs who dragged him away.


Game officials separated the two goalies in time to prevent the tussle


The mics caught Fleury hilariously trying to talk the official who dragged him away into letting him and Binnington duke it out


When Ryan Hartman made it 5-4 for the Wild in the second period of their NHL game, the intensity level skyrocketed.

Soon after the puck shook the net, a scrum ensued, and Binnington, 29 years old, attacked Hartman.

Fleury, now 29 years old, skated out of his net and toward the combatants.

Close to Binnington, he made a beeline for the Wild’s star goaltender, and the two goalies got ready to fight.

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Canadian man caught on mics saying, “Hey, hey. Let’s get going, going, going!

He removed his mask and rolled up his sleeves, but before he could approach Binnington, another official skated by and yanked him away.

“No, no, no!” Fleury screamed.

“We’re not done!”

Fleury then made an amusing plea to the referee, asking to fight Binnington.

“Come on, it’ll be good,” he said.

“He always wants to fight somebody, you know?”

Yes, it will be entertaining. Wake up the crowd a little, yeah?

Even after Minnesota’s goalie gave up and tried to pick up his equipment, the official wasn’t convinced and continued to closely guard Fleury.

Simply, “Let me get my stuff. The Canadian official was greeted by a frustrated player who said, “I don’t like having my hair like this, you know?” while he clung to his jersey.

“He’s gone, he’s gone.”

Due to his “rough and unsportsmanlike conduct,” the referees removed Binnington from the game.

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The NHL has also given him a two-game suspension.

The final score was 8-5, and with the victory, the Wild closed the gap to the Central Division leading Dallas Stars to just two points.


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