During a heated live broadcast, Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith band together to oppose a guest and shout “no way.”


The host of ESPN’s First Take, Molly Qerim, agreed with Stephen A. Ex-NFL star Bart Scott and Smith engaged in a heated debate.

The 38-year-old co-host of ESPN’s First Take had to step in when the 55-year-old Smith disputed Scott’s assertion that Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre are on par in terms of skill on Friday’s show.


Smith and Scott had arguments revolving around Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers


That question arose as they talked about what the New York Jets would have to give up to the Green Bay Packers in order to make a deal for Rodgers.

According to Smith, the Jets should trade a first-round pick for Rodgers because New York is competitive now.

Scott, on the other hand, argued that a third-round pick was adequate given that Rodgers could potentially retire at any time.

The discussion, however, got heated when Scott made the comparison between Rodgers and Favre’s careers.

Scott asked Smith what is different between Rodgers's and Favre's legacies


Ex-Jets great: “Wasn’t Brett Favre a three-time MVP? Remember when Brett Favre won the Super Bowl, right? Maybe they were both the same age.

When asked how that was dissimilar, he replied, “How so? Excuse me, but what makes this so different from everything else?

As evidence, Scott cites how the Jets acquired Brett Favre in a trade and, despite gaining a talented quarterback, only had to give up a mid-round pick.

Smith disagreed with Scott’s claim that the Jets are in a position where they need to be aggressive once Scott finished making his case.

“You’ve got a crew that can get you there, but what you need is the quarterback. It’s been 50 years or more since you (Jets) even got close to the Super Bowl.”

Smith added that the two quarterbacks were at different stages of their NFL careers and that Rodgers is the better player.

Qerim challenges Scott’s assertion that the two legendary quarterbacks are essentially interchangeable.

Scott doesn’t waver and doubles down on his point.

And Smith loses it ” No way. No way.” 

Although Qerim agreed with Smith, he let the other two argue.

The First Take co-host has gone on record as saying that she enjoys the job in part because of the “back and forth” that occurs between the hosts in the studio.


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