During a high-stakes chase, a thug, age 22, shockingly sprayed an officer in the face with ammonia before threatening him with a gun.


The shocking moment a thug sprays an officer in the face with ammonia before threatening him with a gun.

James Boyle, then 22 years old, was caught on camera fleeing the scene and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.


The dramatic events are captured on tape as the suspect sprays the police officer in the face with pepper spray before fleeing the scene with a handgun.

I’ve been sprayed by something!” the policeman yells as he gives chase to James down the street.

After receiving reports of suspicious behavior in June of 2017, police were dispatched to Commonside East, Mitcham, Surrey.

When Officer Goard arrived, he approached James to introduce himself.

When the policeman ordered 22-year-old James to remove his hands from his pockets, James reached into his bag and sprayed him in the face with ammonia.

PC Goard said, “I was in complete fear for my life at the time of the incident. Exactly what the male sprayed at me, I had no idea.

My mind raced with images of acid, ammonia, or any liquid that could have permanently damaged my eyesight or face.

And then I worried about my son back home: Would he grow up thinking of me only as the guy with the scarred face? Would he even recognize me when I got back?

Police Officer Goard had his vision in one eye temporarily impaired, but he still used his PAVA spray to defend himself.

When two police officers arrived, James ran away.

Not only did James not stop there, but he was caught on camera producing a handgun from his pants and pointing it at the police.

In spite of being on the run, he was able to avoid being shot and make his getaway.

When Boyle pulled the gun on PC Garner, Garner felt helpless and let James run away, according to the officer.

I kept wondering what he would do to an innocent civilian if he could so casually point a gun at a police officer.

“I went back to work the day after the incident. I’m very dedicated to my work and didn’t mean to let what happened shake my confidence or make me nervous, but it was a terrifying reminder that even the most mundane phone call could lead to something that could alter the course of my life or the lives of the people I care about.

The police found their suspect by combing through hours of surveillance footage.

He was found and arrested last June.

The police discovered a knife, an axe, and a bottle of ammonia in his backpack when he was taken into custody.

They found the grey tracksuit top Boyle wore the night of the incident when they searched his house.

According to the investigation, James fired his weapon before the police arrived that night.

James was positively identified through the use of forensics on the bottle of ammonia and the recovered live ammunition.

On March 13th (today), James was given a 16-year prison term by a judge in Kingston Crown Court.

On November 11, 2022, he entered a plea of guilty before the same court for a number of charges.

Of these, the most serious were poisoning with malice, firearms with malice, assault, and possession of corrosive material in a public place.

In addition to the firearm and knife charges, he was also accused of having them with the intent to terrorize.

“Boyle is an extremely dangerous offender and we are pleased that the overwhelming evidence gathered during our investigation left him with no choice but to plead guilty,” said Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Woodsford from Specialist Crime.

Without a doubt, he would have caused even more damage if he hadn’t been found and arrested so quickly.

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The officers involved, who were incredibly lucky to escape without serious injury, will continue to be in my prayers.

Even though police officers routinely put themselves in danger, no one should ever have to go home after a shift feeling physically assaulted.


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