During the final episode of Love Island, one of the contestants was accused by fans of’stealing’ another contestant’s speech.


Fans of LOVE Island have criticized Samie for “stealing” Lana’s line from her romantic speech to Tom.

Tonight’s episode depicts the cast members’ final day in the villa together, complete with the customary final outfit reveal, spa day for the ladies, and dance lesson for the Love Island finale ball.


Lana said she and Ron were embarking on their next 'chapter'


They were also given the assignment of writing speeches for their partners, and immediately set to work in an effort to define their time together thus far and their future aspirations.

Before telling the girls about her relationship with Ron, Lana said, “This is just chapter one, chapter one of a long book.”

Samie laughed: “That’s good, write that down.”

As their emotions were exposed, the group became visibly moved.

Samie told Tom she loved him and that the two of them were ready to start a new “chapter” in their relationship.

You wrote a poem for me, and now it’s my turn to shower you with praise, she gushed.

We’ve had our share of struggles, but your moving poem helped us overcome them.

In other words, I’ve fallen in love with you and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You can count on me, and I’ll count on you. We’ve reached the end of the prologue; please continue with the next chapter.

However, viewers quickly realized that Samie had stolen Lana’s “chapters” line.

There was a commenter who said, “Samie just fully stole Lana’s “chapter one” idea?! Stay sluggish until the very end.

One commenter put it this way: “So Samie stole Lana’s chapter line.”

“She just stole Lana’s line omg,” a third added.

Tom’s confession that he’s in love with Samie was one of many emotional speeches.

While longtime couple Ron and Lana broke down in tears over their confessions to each other.

Kai and Sanam are currently the favorites, with Ron and Lana in second place.

Will the public’s vote for who takes home £50,000 change in the final hour?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Samie used the same line in her speech



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