During the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Putin’s forces fired missiles from a nuclear power plant as Europe feared a Chernobyl-style catastrophe.

Ukraine revives theory Putin is using body doubles

The idea that Vladimir Putin is actually being represented by body doubles in Russia has been revived by UKRAINE, who cites the change in Putin’s ears as evidence.

The 69-year-old Russian president’s deteriorating health has been the subject of months-long rumors, with close ally Nicolai Patrushev allegedly filling in for Vlad during his routine doctor’s appointments.

Major General Kyrylo Budanov, the recently appointed head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, said on Ukrainian TV this week that Putin’s height and even ears appear to have changed in recent appearances.

During an appearance on the channel “Groshi,” which means money, he said, “The picture, let’s say, of the ears, is different.

“And each person’s ear picture is distinctive, just like a fingerprint. It cannot be done again.

TSN, a Ukrainian news outlet, also cited Budanov as saying that he thinks the Russian president is gravely ill and uses body doubles to avoid public appearances.

The Putin body doubles, he claimed, “have different habits, different mannerisms, different gaits, and sometimes even different heights if you looked closely,” despite looking very similar.


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