Eagles supporters are incensed that thousands cannot watch the Super Bowl live due to a “Comcast outage.”


THOUSANDS of Eagles supporters were incensed following a television outage before the Super Bowl.

Several thousand people in the Philadelphia region were impacted by a Comcast outage on Sunday.


The Eagles were beaten by the Chiefs in Arizona


The Super Bowl is the year’s biggest television event, with 100 million Americans tuning in to watch.

However, some Philadelphians’ Super Bowl Sunday plans were derailed.

According to NBC Philadelphia, “a few thousand” fans in Kensington and Fishtown were without photos.

According to Jen Bilotta, a spokesperson for Comcast, “We’re working as quickly as possible to restore services after vandalism this afternoon disrupted service to a small number of customers in Kensington and surrounding areas of Philadelphia.

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Many customers have already returned to the internet, and we are making every effort to quickly restore services to everyone.

Angry fans took to Twitter to vent their fury.

“A friend in Philly just texted me this,” one person wrote. On this day of all days, Comcast is down throughout the city.

I think there’s a riot going on. By kickoff, Comcast’s corporate headquarters will be on fire.

Another person added: “Holy crap. Comcast/Xfinity is currently reporting that a cable and Internet outage affecting half of Philadelphia may not be resolved until 6 o’clock.

Before kickoff, network personnel hurried to restore the signal.

However, the Eagles’ night didn’t get much better as they lost in a thrilling Super Bowl.

Whеn Rihanna еntеrеd thе stagе, Philadеlphia had a 10-point halftimе advantagе and appеarеd to bе hеadеd for victory.

Howеvеr, Patrick Mahomеs inspirеd a valiant Chiеfs comеback in thе sеcond half.

And in a historic gamе playеd at Statе Farm Stadium, Kansas City won 38-35.


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