Ella Dixon, star of “The Bad Seed Returns,” claims that Emma has “met her match” in Kate.


The Bad Seed Returns, which airs starting on September 5, will continue Emma Grossman’s erratic (and frequently murderous) antics. Emma is given the chance to start over at a new school, but Kat, who is played by Ella Dixon, will be watching her closely because she is aware of Emma’s activities. Ella discussed the intriguing dynamic between Kat and Emma EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.

You have that conflict as soon as Kat enters and sort of re-enters Emma’s life, Ella said. “Kat is incredibly resilient, and she has endured a lot in life, in my opinion. She has a lot of vulnerability that, in my opinion, she is not quite expressing, and it is this vulnerability that, in a way, motivates her mission to confront Emma. Emma is kind of put in a condition we’ve never really seen her in before by the conflict and tension we see throughout the movie.

Mckenna Grace’s Emma will appear to the audience in a “very different place than she wants in the first movie,” Ella emphasized. Her aunt is her landlord. She has somewhat gotten used to what being a teenager is like. She manages her life as a high school student while being a member of the dance team. You’re sort of turning the character on her head a little bit because she’s much more blended in than we saw her in the first movie.

Ella clarifies, however, that Emma is “much more unpredictable, and she’s much more cunning about how she approaches things. Again, Kat brings that disruption because we see her in a very different setting where she has actually met her match. That’s going to develop in a very interesting way, in my opinion.

Mckenna Grace

In The Bad Seed Returns, Kat’s “vulnerability” piqued the young actress’s interest the most. One of the most important lessons I ever learned was that every action we take as humans—in every circumstance—comes from some level of vulnerability. “How that vulnerability is expressed depends on the individual, but it is always present. It was incredibly powerful for me to fully comprehend that and start exploring it in Kat and how it is manifesting in her situation. It definitely improved my comprehension of both her and the story, in my opinion.

Despite the conflict between Kat and Emma, Ella really liked working with Mckenna. Ella said to HollywoodLife, “McKenna’s such a great person and such a gifted actor and writer.” It was so much fun to be able to share the screen with her. The Bad Seed Returns will air on September 5 at 8 p.m. She powerfully inhabits the role of Emma. within Lifetime.


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