‘Enjoy The (Olympic) Games, We All Know It Won’t Be The Same,’ Sha’Carri Richardson says to critics.


Sha’Carri Richardson has reacted to her disqualification from the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. After being disqualified from the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, Sha’Carri Richardson has broken her silence. When she took to Twitter on July 4, the 21-year-old track and field star threw some shade at her critics and thanked her fans for their support. “I thank my community for their support; forget about the negatives and enjoy the games because we all know it won’t be the same,” she began. “I’m sorry, I won’t be your Olympic Champion this year, but I promise I’ll be your World Champion next year.”

“I’m glad I’m not one of those perfect people who knows how to live life,” she joked. Sha’Carri took first place in the 100-meter dash at the US Track and Field Trials, but was later disqualified after testing positive for marijuana. In a TODAY interview, Sha’Carri apologized for her error, and she also tweeted about the scandal, saying, “I am human..” ”

The athlete’s biological mother died a few days before the race at the Olympic Trials in Oregon, where marijuana is legal, and the runner learned about it from a reporter who inquired about it. She told TODAY thаt leаrning of her mother’s deаth put her in “аn emotionаl stаte of pаnic.” “I know whаt I’m supposed to do, аnd I know whаt I’m not аllowed to do, аnd I still mаde thаt decision,” Shа’Cаrri lаter explаined. I’m not trying to justify myself. Who аm I to tell you how to deаl with your situаtion? Who аm I to tell you thаt you’re mаking а mistаke by hurting yourself? ” Shа’Cаrri Richаrdson

Despite the fact that many celebrities, including Odell Beckham Jr and George Takei , have thrown their support behind Sha’Carri, President Joe Biden has stated that “rules are rules.” “Whether they should stay the rules is a different issue,” he continued, “but the rules are the rules.” “The notion that weed is a problematic ‘drug’ is rooted in racism,” said Seth Rogen , who founded a weed brand. It’s insane that Team USA would disqualify one of the country’s most talented athletes based on a misunderstanding. They should be ashamed of themselves. I’d also be FloJo if weed made you fast. ”



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