Enrique Iglesias Astonishes with Shocking Singing Skills – Watch Him Wow His Son and Fans Now!


Enrique Iglesias’ Growing Family

Enrique Iglesias, the renowned “No Me Digas Que No” singer, has always been private about his family life with longtime partner Anna Kournikova. However, as their three kids, twins Nicholas and Lucy, aged six, and Mary, aged three, are getting older, the superstar dad is starting to share more glimpses of his family with the world. Despite keeping their family largely out of the spotlight, Enrique and Anna’s children are beginning to experience what it’s like to have a globally recognized singer as a father.

Meeting Anna Kournikova and Starting a Family

Enrique Iglesias met former tennis star Anna Kournikova on the set of his 2001 music video for “Escape.” Since then, they have been together, but the couple has never publicly confirmed whether they are engaged or married. Together, they share three children, twins Nicholas and Lucy, aged six, and Mary, aged three. Despite their high-profile careers, the couple has managed to keep their family life relatively private.

Introducing His Kids to the Music World

As Enrique Iglesias continues his Trilogy Tour with Ricky Martin and Pitbull, he shared a heartwarming story about how his son Nicholas reacted when he saw his dad perform for the first time. Although his children haven’t seen his actual concert due to their bedtime, Nicholas was amazed when he caught a glimpse of the rehearsals. It was the first time he witnessed the grand production and lights, leaving him in awe of his dad’s superstar status.

Familial Bond Through Music

Despite not attending one of his concerts, the Iglesias-Kournikova kids are well-versed in their father’s extensive musical catalog. Enrique shared a sweet moment of picking up his daughter Mary from school and her singing his song “I Like It,” which then turns into a family sing-along. It’s evident that music plays an important role in their family dynamic.

Final (Vol 2) and the Future

Enrique Iglesias has confirmed that his upcoming album, Final (Vol 2), will be his last. After working on the album for several years, he has announced that he won’t be releasing any more albums in the future. The superstar dad is ready to focus on his family and other endeavors outside of music after the release of his final album.

As Enrique Iglesias continues to embrace his role as a father and a global music icon, it’s heartwarming to see how his children are beginning to experience and appreciate his superstar status. Despite their privacy, the glimpses into their family life show a loving and tight-knit bond, centered around their shared love for music.


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