Eric Wagner, a 62-year-old metal singer, has died. The cause of death has been revealed.


Eric Wagner, the lead singer of the classic doom rock band Trouble, has died at the age of 62, and the cause of death has been revealed. Wagner died of pneumonia caused by Covid-19 complications, according to the Chicago Reader. Wagner’s bassist, Ron Holzner, who also played in Trouble and Wagner’s more recent band, The Skull, explained that the singer had been having health issues and was trying to take better care of himself, though he would not budge on his refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Holzner told the Chicago Reader, “We argued about it, and he stood his ground on the matter.” “I used to joke that you should write a book called ‘The World According to Eric Wagner.’ ‘He went about his business in his own way.’ Wagner was said to be opposed to “Big Pharma” medications and had no plans to make an exception for the vaccine. Holzner went on to talk about The Skull’s unexpected final show in Austin, Texas, just before Wagner’s death. “During the night’s final song, Eric turned to me, pointed at me, and said, ‘Thank you, I love you…’ ‘He has done this to me over the years…’ He also did it to Henry, Lothar, and Matt last night. Wow… that’s cool, I thought. I can’t stop thinking about it now… He died exactly two weeks later…

I can’t believe I’m typing this. Eric Wagner, the lead singer of Trouble, died of COVID-19. Right now, I want to destroy everything. Take a listen if you’re unfamiliar with the band. True metal.

— Tracii (@TraciiGuns) August 23, 2021

According to the Chicago Reader, one of Wagner’s peers, Nathan Carson of Witch Mountain, said of the singer’s death, “What’s really sad to me is that he was making some of the best music of his life in the Skull..” “He’d always been wise for his years, but now he had the years under his belt,” Carson continued. The lyrics, the sound of his voice, and his stage presence all reflected this. He was a master who deserved to be better known and performed on larger stages, as everyone knows. And I’m sure he had several more albums’ worth of timeless music waiting to be released if he’d only taken the time to protect himself. ”

“Drowning in your own lungs is а horrible wаy to pаss аwаy. Cаrson continued, “I wouldn’t wish it on аnyone.” “At the very leаst, he hаd his convictions..” He believed he wаs going to а better plаce, which helped to tаke the edge off in the end. However, the music world is а poorer plаce without his voice. I reаlly hoped he’d live so he could use his voice to tell the world thаt this virus isn’t а hoаx. Insteаd, his legаcy serves аs а model for others to follow. Thаnkfully, music is timeless. 004 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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