Ex-husband Kody Brown’s ex-wife Christine Brown of “Sister Wives” flaunts her new figure in a slinky red top in glamorous new photos.


CHRISTINE Brown recently divorced husband Kody and has revealed a slimmer, more radiant appearance in new photos.

The 50-year-old star of “Sister Wives” looked stunning as she promoted a diet pill in a slinky red top.


She split from her husband Kody late last year


Christine applied eyeliner and lipstick to accentuate her features and parted her hair down the middle.

The TLC star promoted her favorite weight loss supplements and drinks by sharing photos of them on Instagram and asking her fans to sign up for the brand’s services in the caption.

Christine had posted an Instagram photo of her and her new boyfriend, David Woolley, cuddling only hours before.

The reality star seemed to diss her ex-husband Kody while gushing about her new beau.

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She posted an image of the couple cuddling up at a table.

Christine wrote in the caption, “I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life. He’s an amazing guy who treats me like a king.

Those who enjoyed the star’s performance on Sister Wives rushed to the comments to express their joy that she had finally found happiness after divorcing Kody in November 2021.

Christine has been posting mushy status updates about her new boyfriend for the past month.

She referred to the 59-year-old construction executive as the “love of my life” in a photo that officially introduced them as a couple.

Christine’s daughter, 21-year-old Gwendlyn, has given David her stamp of approval by discussing the arrangement in a new YouTube video.

She watched as Christine and her ex-wife Janelle, now 53, discussed Christine’s dating prospects after her split from Kody, 54.

Christine answered, “Someone else, not Kody,” to Janelle’s question about whether or not she planned to remarry, and the two women shared a hearty laugh.

As the video transitioned to a confessional with only Janelle, Gwendlyn laughed along with her.

“You can’t just be alone for the rest of your life,” she said, explaining why she was being nosy.

With respect to the discussion between Janelle and Christine, the latter said, “I’m starting over again.”

Gwendlyn paused the video and informed her viewers that her mother was engaged in conversation with a shawty.

I’m sure that the majority of you have read the related post. She’s been blogging about her relationship with David.

Christine and Kody are the parents of six children, including Gwendlyn.


Nonetheless, Christine’s best friend Janelle recently admitted that she has her doubts about the rapid development of her and David’s relationship.

In a report from last month, an anonymous source revealed to The U.S. It has come to light that Christine’s new love interest has caused a rift in the once close pair.

“At the moment, Janelle and Christine have grown apart.

According to the source, Janelle is not happy about her new relationship.

She feels like it’s too much, too soon. The more modern I am, the more traditional she is. That it should have gone public so quickly is another point of disagreement for her. It’s not something she’s interested in.

They’re “not so close as they were before they started dating,” a source claims, and Janelle is “upset” that Christine is “spending all the time with him.”

Some of his relatives, including Janelle, have “difficulty trusting him,” and others think he’s “not in it for the right reasons,” they added.

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Janelle and Christine have always been close, but their friendship has deepened since Dec., when Janelle ended her relationship with Kody.


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