Exciting Announcement Brewing: Strictly’s Sensational Helen Skelton Teases Epic News ‘on the Horizon’!


Helen Skelton Reflects on Her “Extra” Strictly Come Dancing Experience

It has been one year since Helen Skelton graced the Ballroom and Latin dancefloor on Strictly Come Dancing, and she recently opened up about her unforgettable experience. The Countryfile presenter, who was paired with professional dancer Gorka Marquez, made it to the final thanks to their incredible routines, including a memorable Couple’s Choice dance to Cabaret. In an exclusive interview with HELLO!, Helen shared her thoughts about her time on the show.

The Magical World of Strictly Come Dancing

“I loved strictly, I always said it was like Disneyland, the clothes, the hair, the make-up, the people,” Helen revealed. “Every part of it is so ‘extra’ and it is a wonderful world to be part of. Very magical in many ways.” Being a part of Strictly Come Dancing was truly an extraordinary experience for Helen, and she cherishes the incredible memories she made on the dancefloor.

Enthusiastic Viewers and Exciting Projects

Helen’s journey on Strictly Come Dancing captivated viewers, who adored watching her performances each week. And it seems the star has more exciting projects on the way. While she keeps the details under wraps for now, the mother-of-three teased, “I have a nice TV project on the horizon in my local area so that will be fun and I am really excited about it. I tend not to plan too far ahead though, I prefer to just go with it.” In addition to Strictly, Helen is known for her appearances on beloved programs like Countryfile and Blue Peter, where she has showcased her talent and charm.

Empowering Young Girls and Boys

The comparison of Helen’s Strictly journey to “Disneyland” aligns perfectly with her latest project. This summer, the presenter collaborated with Disney Princess to launch a new campaign called Find Your Wonder. The campaign aims to encourage young girls and boys to embrace their own strength, courage, and bravery. Helen, who shares three children with her former partner Richie Myler, is eager to pass on the empowering message behind the campaign to her kids. She believes in the importance of leaving a meaningful legacy and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Parenting

After an action-packed summer, Helen also reflected on the “back to school” milestone. She expressed, “Every bit of parenting is emotional. I think nothing brings me to my knees or gives me more joy than my kids. I am lucky my children have wonderful teachers, so I am never too excited about them spending the whole days with people other than family. But I know I am fortunate for the incredible people they have in their classrooms.” With a heartfelt perspective on parenthood, Helen embraces the ups and downs and treasures the precious moments with her children.

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