Exclusive Clip: Shavel’s mother rejects contributing to daughter’s wedding to Quaylon on ‘Life After Lockup’


Shavel’s Mom Refuses to Help Pay for Daughter’s Wedding to Quaylon on ‘Life After Lockup’ (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Season 5B of Life After Lockup is delivering the drama as Shavel and Quaylon return to the screen, this time as an engaged couple planning their wedding. However, tensions rise when Shavel’s mom refuses to support her decision to marry Quaylon, leading to a heated confrontation between their moms. Read on to learn more about the explosive family dynamics and the challenges Shavel and Quaylon are facing on the path to their wedding day.

Love After Lockup Couple Returns in Season 5B

Shavel and Quaylon, previously featured on Life After Lockup, are making a comeback in Season 5B. Viewers are witnessing their journey as an engaged couple navigating the complexities of planning a wedding. The couple’s history, including their past split and subsequent reconciliation, adds an extra layer of intrigue to their evolving story as they strive to build a future together.

Shavel’s Mom’s Lack of Support

One of the significant obstacles Shavel and Quaylon face in their wedding planning journey is Shavel’s mother’s refusal to contribute financially to the wedding. This lack of support becomes a point of contention that escalates the tensions between the families, as Shavel’s mom makes her disapproval of the union abundantly clear. Without her mother’s backing, Shavel finds herself grappling with conflicting emotions as she navigates the path to her wedding day.

Explosive Confrontation Between Mothers

An exclusive clip of Love After Lockup provides a glimpse into the intense dynamics between Quaylon’s mother and Shavel’s mom. The scene unfolds with a heated altercation between the future mother-in-laws, characterized by fiery exchanges and strong words. The clash underscores the deep-seated divide between the families, with each side holding firm to their respective positions, creating a challenging environment for Shavel and Quaylon as they strive to bring their families together for their special day.

Financial Strain and Emotional Turmoil

The refusal to contribute financially to the wedding highlights the financial strain and emotional turmoil that Shavel and Quaylon are facing. As they navigate the complexities of wedding planning, the lack of familial support adds an additional layer of stress and uncertainty to an already challenging process. The emotional toll on the couple becomes increasingly visible as they grapple with the conflicting demands of their families and their own desires for a joyous occasion.

The Impact on Shavel and Quaylon

The mounting pressure stemming from the clash between their mothers and the absence of a support system takes a toll on Shavel and Quaylon. The emotional burden they carry becomes palpable as they confront the daunting prospect of reconciling their families and salvaging the wedding planning process. Their desire for a harmonious and unifying celebration clashes with the realities of familial discord, creating an emotional journey fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

The Road Ahead

As Shavel and Quaylon navigate the intricate dynamics surrounding their wedding, the question remains: can their families set aside their differences and come together for the couple’s special day? The journey ahead promises to be fraught with obstacles and emotional upheaval as the couple endeavors to forge a path toward a unifying and celebratory wedding, despite the familial discord that threatens to cast a shadow over their joyous occasion.


As tensions run high and the clash between their mothers looms large, Shavel and Quaylon grapple with the formidable task of bridging the divide between their families and finding a path to a harmonious wedding celebration. Their journey, marked by emotional turmoil and familial discord, offers a compelling narrative of resilience and the enduring pursuit of love amidst challenging circumstances. Watch Life After Lockup to witness the unfolding saga of Shavel and Quaylon’s quest for a joyous union amid the tumult of clashing family dynamics.


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