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Gerry Turner’s Journey to Find Love on ‘The Golden Bachelor’

The highly anticipated season of ABC’s The Golden Bachelor is here, and fans are excited to see if 72-year-old star Gerry Turner can find love in just a few short weeks. In this unique season, older singles are given the opportunity to find their perfect match. With a shorter filming schedule than its counterparts The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there’s a lot to know about what to expect from this season.

ABC’s ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Allegedly Has a Shorter Filming Schedule

According to Reality Steve on the Daily Roundup podcast, filming for The Golden Bachelor began on August 3, 2023. Unlike The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, this special season has a much shorter filming schedule. Gerry Turner met the women vying for his heart on the same day filming started. By August 10, 2023, two rose ceremonies had already taken place.

While the exact duration of the filming schedule is unknown, Reality Steve estimates it to be around three weeks to a month. This condensed timeline adds an exciting element to the show, as it means Gerry will have to make some tough decisions in a shorter period of time.

Typically, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette film for around nine weeks. However, Gerry Turner believes it is possible to find love on television. In an interview with Variety, he expressed his optimism, stating that he hopes to find the person he knows is right for him, regardless of the timeline. For Gerry, the chemistry and connection are more important than the length of time spent filming.

Gerry Turner’s Unique Fantasy Suites Week

As the season progresses, Gerry Turner will have the opportunity to take a few of his final women to the much-anticipated Fantasy Suites. However, he hinted that his Fantasy Suites week might look a bit different from what viewers are accustomed to seeing on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gerry mentioned that the activities during his Fantasy Suites week may be tailored to someone of his age. As a 72-year-old bachelor, he acknowledged that the experiences might differ from those of contestants in their 20s and 30s. This unique twist adds an intriguing element to the season, as it showcases a more realistic and age-appropriate approach to the Fantasy Suites.

Despite his daughters’ concerns, Gerry assured everyone that he does not feel nervous about the Fantasy Suites. He even joked that they are more nervous than he is. His daughters advised him not to kiss on camera, but Gerry plans to ignore that advice and follow his heart.

With the enticing promise of love, drama, and unexpected twists, The Golden Bachelor is set to captivate viewers. As Gerry Turner embarks on this journey, fans can’t wait to see if he can defy the odds and find his perfect match.

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