Expert says it will be difficult to determine what caused the death of father of five Nathan Millard due to the body’s ‘cocooned’ position.


A forensic expert has revealed that the location where a missing father’s body was found could make it difficult to determine the cause of death.

On March 6, the body of Nathan Millard, a 42-year-old Georgia construction executive, was discovered with plastic and a rug over it.


Millard was a husband and father of five from Georgia


Forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan (pictured) says that the position Millard's body was found in may spark difficulties


This husband and father of five was last seen on February 22 while on a quick business trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

On the evening in question, Millard was last seen at Happy’s Irish Pub, which was located some three miles away from the vacant lot in which his body would be found more than a week later.

Someone walking by “smelled a foul odor” and called 911, leading to the discovery of his body.

There was “no evidence of internal or external trauma” found in the autopsy of Millard’s body.

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Further, the investigation into the Millard case has led police to conclude that no criminal activity was involved.

However, the autopsy report cannot be completed until the toxicology report is back.

Prof. Joseph Scott Morgan of Jacksonville State University’s Department of Applied Forensics shared an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun that Millard’s autopsy will be affected by the position he was found in and the amount of time he may have been there.

Remember, he was wrapped in plastic and carpet, Morgan, who also hosts the true-crime podcast Body Bags, said.

Because of what happens in south Louisiana, the climate is especially severe there.

Decomposition occurs more rapidly here, he said, than in other places.

Morgan has stated that Millard’s body’s “cocooned” position may slow down the decomposition process.

“The cocooning and the heat that comes with that can kind of speed up the process of decomposition,” he said.

According to Morgan, the length of time Millard was missing would affect the turnaround time for the toxicology report because he was already decomposing.

He warned that this might make things more difficult when sending toxicology samples for analysis.


Someone of interest in Millard’s disappearance and death was taken into custody by the police on Monday night.

Nearly a week after police released a photo of the suspect they wanted to speak to in connection with Millard’s case, Derrick Perkins, 45, was arrested in Baton Rouge.

Morgan claimed there was “a level of respect” in the act of wrapping Millard’s body, though it remains unknown who was responsible.

His words about what is being done with Millard’s body were, “there is a level of respect and memorialization that is going on.”

Morgan thinks there was no violent cause of Millard’s death.

“If this was related to an act of just anger and animosity toward an individual, they would take the body, drive down the road, and just toss that body like it was something less than human,” Morgan said.

But with this, he continued, “you’ve got somebody that actually took the time to get a piece of plastic and wrap the body.”


On February 22, Millard was last seen leaving Happy’s Irish Pub in downtown Baton Rouge with a client after attending a Louisiana State University basketball game.

While Amber was looking for her missing husband, she recalled that Millard had FaceTimed her to show her the seats he and his client had bagged for the game.

“I never imagined that call would be my last,” Amber said to WXIA.

At around 11:30 that night, he left the bar and was spotted by surveillance cameras making his way to the Courtyard Marriott, where he was staying (a mere two minutes away).

When Millard and his client didn’t show up at the agreed-upon time (eight o’clock the following morning), the latter’s client called to alert him.

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When Amber, Millard’s wife, called WXIA to report that she hadn’t heard from him by 9 a.m. local time, the client decided to request a wellness check at the hotel.

Millard's body was found in a vacant lot in Baton Rogue, Louisiana



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