Explosive Revelation: Determined Justin Fields Seeks Exiting Chicago, Unleashing Ignited Passion for Change!


The Chicago Bears have had a disastrous start to the season, and according to ESPN’s Stephan A. Smith, it’s taking a toll on quarterback Justin Fields’ career. Smith appeared on First Take and expressed his belief that Fields doesn’t want to be in Chicago and that the organization is to blame for his struggles.

Smith criticized the Bears’ front office, coaching staff, and wide receivers, describing it as a bad situation from top to bottom. He pointed out that Fields has received no help and that he is not being developed or growing as a player. Smith believes that Fields would look much better in another organization.

Fields’ performance in the first two games of the season supports Smith’s claims. He has completed 60.4% of his passes, thrown for two touchdowns and three interceptions, and has a career-low QBR of 23.0. Pro Football Focus currently ranks him as the 28th-best quarterback out of 33 qualifying players at the position.

Despite Fields’ struggles, the blame is not solely on him. Many fans and media members have criticized offensive coordinator Luke Getsy for his play calling. The Bears’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saw Getsy receive a deluge of criticism, with fans calling for his firing. ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky specifically blamed Getsy for a poor play call that resulted in an interception and a touchdown for the Bucs.

Fields and Getsy will have another opportunity to turn things around in the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, it will be a tough challenge as the Bears are 13-point underdogs.

In conclusion, the Chicago Bears’ poor start to the season has put Justin Fields’ career in jeopardy. According to ESPN’s Stephan A. Smith, Fields doesn’t want to be in Chicago and is not being properly developed by the organization. Fields’ struggles, combined with criticism of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, have raised concerns about the team’s future. The upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs will be a crucial opportunity for Fields and Getsy to prove their critics wrong.


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