Faced by anti-monarchy protesters brandishing signs reading, “Not My King,” King Charles


Yesterday, anti-monarchy demonstrators greeted KING Charles.

Twenty of them waved signs that read, “Not My King,” and shouted, “Why don’t you answer your critics?” as he watched from a distance of only five yards.


The King stood just five yards away as 20 protestors waved placards


In recognition of Milton Keynes’ new status as a city following the Queen Consort’s positive Covid test, Charles, 74, traveled there alone.

Charles greeted hundreds of well-wishers and announced that his wife, 75, was “getting better” seemingly unperturbed by the protests.

In addition, he stated that after the war, he plans to visit Ukraine.

Republic’s chief executive, Graham Smith, announced that protests would intensify.

Around 20 Republic protesters carrying signs mocking Prince Andrew and denouncing the King’s friendship with the vile sex offender Jimmy Savile were among them.

Chief Executive Officer Graham Smith of the group stated that the organization intended to increase its demonstrations.

A total of 25 police officers kept an eye on the demonstrators, and nothing major happened.


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