Fangirls for Kim Richards on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Newcomer


Kim Richards.

Kim Richards has a new fan among the “Real Housewives” franchise’s newest cast members.

Richards left the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” after five seasons as a full-time cast member in 2015, but she has since appeared as a guest on the show. The RHOBH veteran last appeared in the show’s 10th season in 2020, but she is still a fan favorite of Chanel Ayan, a newcomer to the “Real Housewives of Dubai.”

On the June 8, 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen asked Ayan if she watches “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and she said she does and is a huge fan of the cast.

Ayan revealed, “I love all of them.” “However, Kim [Richards] is my absolute favorite.” “I adore Kim,” says the narrator.

Ayan also revealed that several Housewives veterans have welcomed her to the RHODubai fold since she joined the show. Ayan gushed about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Kandi Burruss and “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s” Jen Shah. Ayan confessed, “We talk all the time together.”

Kim Richards Left an Iconic Item Behind for Chanel Ayan to Pose With.

Ayan posed with a classic item in the Bravo Clubhouse while in New York City for the WWHL taping. Ayan was photographed posing with the stuffed blue bunny made famous by Richards during the RHOBH reunion several years ago in a Twitter post.

“Holding that doll was the moment I realized I had made it in this lifetime.” Ayan captioned the picture, “So much love to Kim.”

Ayan also reacted to the photo being shared by the Queens of Bravo fan account. Ayan tweeted, “When I met the doll, it was the best moment of my life.”

Ayan’s admiration for the RHOBH OG was also noted by fans.

“I realized she’s a FAN FAN of housewives when she said Kim is her favorite. One commenter said of Ayan, “She gets why we love Kim, too.”

“‘I brought the bunny,’ is a top-tier housewives moment,” wrote another.

“I adore it when housewives admit to watching!! Another agreed, “I love her!”

Another of Ayan’s friends said, “She reminds me of Kim.” “She’ll go from 0 to 100 in a flash.” “Write down everything.”

Kim Richards is credited with bringing the Bunny to the RHOBH reunion.

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Despite their strained relationship at the time, co-star Lisa Rinna gave Richards a blue bunny, which is well-known among RHOBH fans.

Richards famously insinuated that Rinna knows a damaging secret about Rinna’s husband, actor Harry Hamlin, during earlier seasons of the Bravo reality show.

Despite this, Rinna gave Richards a stuffed rabbit rabbit for her newborn grandson, Hucksley, during Season 7. Richards accepted the stuffed animal as a gift for her daughter Brooke Weiderhorn’s first child, but during the season 7 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she returned the bunny to Rinna, still wrapped in cellophane.

Richards told Rinna, “I brought the bunny with me.” “I didn’t give it to my grandson because I never gave it to him.” It didn’t feel like it had a lot of energy to begin with. We apologize for the inconvenience. As a result, I believe I should hand it over to you.”

Rinna broke down in tears over the gift return, and the former child star suggested she give the bunny to someone else.

As the cameras rolled, Richards’ RHOBH co-star Eileen Davidson questioned why the bunny had to be returned at the reunion. She said, “Send it through the mail.”

The stuffed bunny was eventually housed at the Bravo Clubhouse in New York, according to Bravo.com, but it did visit a WWHL taping in Los Angeles and even went on tour with Cohen and his pal Anderson Cooper.

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