Fans are happy that V is joining the anti-cyberbullying campaign during BTS’s comeback with “Proof.”

Fans in SEOUL, South Korea, were thrilled to receive their copies of BTS’s “Proof” albums as they made a K-pop comeback after almost two years. When BTS revealed that they would also be releasing a “Proof Collector’s Edition,” ARMY was even more ecstatic. On September 29, this limited edition was finally delivered to fans, and since then, a ton of unboxing videos and scanned images have circulated online. The member of BTS known as V, Kim Taehyung, can be seen in one of the scans using the most creative approach to make a point during his photoshoot for the collector’s edition.

Fans questioned whether someone had kissed V’s hand after noticing a lipstick mark on his hand in the blue lighting of his Spotify profile picture. So, with BTS’ “Proof Collector’s Edition” photobook, we finally got the behind-the-scenes look. Photos of V wearing red lipstick were included, and they have since gone viral on ARMY Twitter. He poses with smudged lipstick in one photo, and kisses his own hand to leave a lip print in another. It appears that the finished product was used as his Spotify profile picture. Observant viewers also noted that this pose was in fact a component of a cyberbullying protest.

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BTS’ V takes a stand against cyberbullying

In 2016, a new trend had emerged in which influencers and celebrities were speaking out against cyberbullying. They shared selfies of themselves applying a lipstick kiss mark to the back of their hands as a sign of support and to let victims know there was a safe place. Celebrities continue to occasionally join this trend and take part in the campaign. Now it appears that V from BTS has also joined in. Fans do not believe that the lipstick picture was a coincidence because V frequently contributes, such as by taking part in a social media campaign for queer children in 2020.


‘Stop cyber bullying’

Fans have joined V in sharing their support and are trending the hashtag #KissOffCyberbullying with their images of lipstick marks as a result of V using his platform for good. I have two events to attend this weekend, so I’ll wear a lipstick kiss on my hand to support the anti-cyberbullying movement in my social circles, one fan tweeted. Once again, I want to thank #V #BTSV #KimTaehyung for improving me as a person.

Another fan added, “The message is clear, KING SAID STOP CYBER BULLYING! #KissOffCyberbullying.” One fan shared, “Hi! Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year, acdg to http://DoSomething.org, thus we took initiative to post support for cyber bullying in the net! As a parent, i stand firm against any form of bullying! Let’s do our share! Borahae!”

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