Fans are in tears as wrestling sensation Harley Cameron flashes her wild side in a tiny leopard-print bikini.


HARLEY CAMERON is used to being spotted.

But the Australian wrestling champion was even more popular while wearing a bikini with a leopard print.

Aussie wrestler, model and singer Harley Cameron made the cover of Fitness Gurls


Harley Cameron says she was hooked on wrestling from the first moment she stepped in an arena to fight


Harley Cameron posted pictures on her Instagram account saying wrestling makes her feel 'so alive'


Thousands of fans of the wrestler, model, and singer were awed by her wildest photo shoot.

Harley might need to have more claws added to her movie contract based on the attention she attracted.

Following Harley’s appearance on the cover of Fitness Gurls, she is sporting a brown-spotted top and thong.

She even has another trick up her sleeve: she works as a “ring card girl” for the rapidly expanding Bare Knuckle FC.

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“I’m just so happy and thankful for everything in life,” the Australian posted to her social media accounts. I just can’t help grinning.

She says that because it makes her “feel so alive,” she has no intention of stopping.

Harley also admitted to Fitness Gurls: I still remember going into my first match with such a sense of extreme gratitude and excitement.

“I love wrestling so much because of that feeling, which lasted the entire match.”

And she is almost as excited about the competing bare-knuckle fighting competition.

It’s amazing, she said, adding: It’s an intense sport, and having a front-row seat as a ring card girl at every event has been incredible.

It takes a lot of guts to enter that ring, and I admire anyone who does so.

When it comes to the thrill of wrestling, Harley never changes her spots, so she is on the lookout for her chance to get back in the ring.

Social media hit Harley Cameron told her Instagram fans when she added this phot that she 'can't stop smiling' because she is so happy in life



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