Fans are ready for Camille Lamb to leave after calling her a “problematic narcissist” in the “Below Deck” stew.


SAINT LUCIA, WEST INDIES: Camille Lamb’s deck stew seems to be in trouble. Fans of “Below Deck” Season 10 have been contemplating that since Episode 7’s release. The least amount of Camille’s work is visible. She frequently appears refusing most of the work in a direct manner rather than assisting others.

Alissa Humber observes Camille avoiding all of the work. Alissa hinted at saying that Camille makes out her time to relax with Ben but not for Deck’s work when she said, “she stays there with her little beau, enjoy the day.” In the recently released episode, Camille and Alissa got into a fight over Camille’s non-working situation after Alissa said she would bring it up with Captain Sandy. It appears that fans are on Alissa’s side in this dispute as she tells Camille, “You have an attitude with everyone and that’s why everybody had an issue with you.” Viewers of “Below Deck” are criticizing Camille online for “playing the victim.” Seeing that Camille hasn’t changed, fans are pleading with Bravo to get rid of her because she’s had too many chances.

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'Below Deck' Season 10 star Alissa (Bravo)

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