Fans believe Whitney from Married at First Sight UK will steal her husband, leading to an affair scandal.


Fans of Married at First Sight UK believe Whitney Hughes and Kwame Badu will get involved in a relationship.

Currently, the couple is wed to another participant in the E4 social experiment.

Following their dramatic wedding last week, Whitney and Duka Cav have been at each other’s throats ever since.

Fans of Married At First Sight UK are perplexed as George adds fuel to the April ‘kiss gate’ fire.

Although viewers have been speculating for days that Kwame isn’t really into businesswoman Kasia, the couple is married.

Whitney sobbed as she referred to her husband as “fake” during Wednesday night’s (September 7) heated first dinner party.


Co-star Kasia followed her as she stood up from her chair and stormed out of the room.

Later, Whitney came back to the table and struck up a conversation with April Banbury and Kwame, Kasia’s husband.

Fans noticed a spark between Whitney and Kwame as the group talked.

One fan tweeted, “Whitney and Kwame are definitely the ones playing Wife Swap,” in reference to the show.

Kwame and Kasia

Someone else commented, “I think Whitney and Kwame will cheat on each other.

“So obvious, Whitney and Kwame will run off together,” wrote a third poster.

A fourth person on social media commented, “I feel like Whitney is about to have an affair with Kwame,”

Someone else questioned, “Does anyone else think Whitney and Kwame are going to start dating?”

Whitney said she genuinely wanted to find a connection on the show

It follows The Sun’s report that a major affair scandal is about to rock the show.

The other cast members are taken aback by the publication’s report that the scenes will air in a few weeks.

“One of the wives decides to run off with another husband, and it will cause absolute chaos when the truth comes out,” a source close to the situation said.

It’s going to generate a lot of discussion among viewers and on the show. It will be incredibly dramatic and blow the experiment wide open. Fans won’t anticipate it.

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Fans of MAFS UK will recall the controversy from the previous season when Megan Wolfe cheated on her husband Bob Voysey with another contestant, Jordan Mundell.

At the time, Jordan was also wed to Alexis Conomoux.

One cheating scandal from the 2022 series has already been revealed when George Roberts learns his wife April kissed another woman while they were on their honeymoon.

During a game of “dares,” she betrayed the father-of-four by having an intimate kiss off camera with another woman.

E4 broadcasts Married at First Sight UK every day at 9 p.m.


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