Fans buzzing about Ruby Leigh’s ‘tension-filled’ performance in ‘The Voice’ Season 24 semifinals – Is she unwell?


Analysis of Ruby Leigh’s Performance in ‘The Voice’ Season 24 Semi-Finals

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: Ruby Leigh’s opening performance in the Semi-Finals of ‘The Voice’ Season 24 has left fans questioning her well-being, as she appeared to lack the same grace and energy displayed in previous episodes. The 16-year-old singer omitted yodeling from her song, which left fans with a sense that something crucial was absent in her performance. While Ruby garnered praise from all four judges, there has been a mixed response from the audience. Some criticized her for what they perceived as “screaming” rather than singing on stage.

Ruby’s Performance and Fan Reactions

Many individuals criticized the 16-year-old singer for what they perceived as “screaming” on stage rather than singing. However, fans might find solace in the fact that Ruby garnered praise from all four judges, namely Niall Horan, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Reba McEntire. One fan asserted that Ruby selected the wrong song for the opening night, stating, “That song is mellow, not whiny. WRONG song, RUBY.” Meanwhile, another critic harshly commented on the singer’s performance, declaring, “Ruby sounds like nothing special at all!”

Twitter Reactions

Several fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Ruby’s performance, with one fan speculating whether she was sick given her slightly strained performance. Another fan questioned whether Ruby was choosing the right song for this crucial stage of the competition. The mixed reactions from fans and critics have sparked discussions online about Ruby’s chances in the competition.

Ruby’s Emotional Moment with Her Father

Ruby brought emotions on stage as she came up with her father in the Semi-Finals. The 16-year-old claimed her father is her “biggest fan.” Following that, the singer fulfilled her dream of performing her favorite John Denver song, “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Many viewers were perplexed as Ruby sang John Denver’s song in an episode dedicated to Taylor Swift. However, it was clarified that before the trio performance on Swift’s song, the singers were given the opportunity to perform solo with a song of their choice.

Judges’ Feedback on Ruby’s Performance

John Legend expressed considerable admiration for Ruby’s performance, labeling the singer as “authentic and consistent.” He specifically highlighted her ability to effortlessly reach high chest notes. Reba also praised the 16-year-old, noting her ability to hit all the notes discussed during rehearsal. Despite the criticism from fans, the judges’ positive feedback highlights Ruby’s talent and potential in the competition.

What’s Next for Ruby Leigh?

‘The Voice’ Season 24 Finale will air in two parts, on December 18 and 19 on NBC. As Ruby progresses through the competition, fans are eagerly anticipating her next performance and whether she can overcome the critical feedback from the semi-finals. As the competition heats up, the pressure is on for Ruby to deliver a standout performance in the finale.

‘The Voice’ Season 24 has showcased the journey of talented individuals like Ruby Leigh, and as the competition nears its end, fans will be on the edge of their seats, rooting for their favorite contestants to succeed.

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