Fans demand that the NFL change its rules after ‘illegal’ plays result in touchdowns in the XFL.


After witnessing a shocking touchdown in the XFL over the weekend, football fans are demanding the NFL review the rulebook.

On Saturday, wide receiver Deontay Burnett scored a touchdown for the Houston Roughnecks against the Orlando Guardians after a double-forward pass play, which is prohibited by NFL rules.


Houston Roughnecks wide receiver Jontre Kirklin (pictured) caught the ball before passing it again to Deontay Burnett for a touchdown in the first quarter of Saturday's 44-16 win over the Orlando Guardians


With a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, Roughnecks quarterback Brandon Silvers took the snap and threw to wide receiver Jontre Kirklin.

But Kirklin didn’t rush down the field like most quarterbacks would; instead, he planted his feet near his team’s 45-yard line and threw another pass.

Unlike in the NFL, Dwayne Johnson’s league allows the offensive team to attempt two forward passes per play.

“If a team completes a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage, that team may throw a second forward pass, as long as the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage,” states the XFL rulebook.

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After the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, forward passes are out of the question.

It’s possible that the first pass won’t be completed, preventing a fumbled lateral.

Kirklin’s pass had some shakiness to it as it flew through the air, but Burnett still caught it and raced all the way to the end zone, where there were no defenders in sight.

Football fans were quick to point out that Houston’s play was “illegal” in the NFL.

However, many fans of the double-pass strategy have urged the NFL to reconsider its ban on the play.

A tweet stated, “This version of the XFL is it. Yes, at long last, they are acting on it. Awesome soccer.

Someone else chimed in, “Xs and Os is probably what I love most about football, and these kinds of rules open creativity and make the game more fun.

“I dream of seeing a 2 QB offense someday.”

A third person commented, “Wait, that was actually slick. In all seriousness, the NFL should allow this.

And someone else chimed in, “Bring this rule to the NFL with the caveat that a pass that doesn’t make it passed the line of scrimmage is a fumble.”

After defeating the Guardians, the Roughnecks improved to 4-0 and took over first place in the XFL South.

There are only six more match weeks left in the 2023 season before the start of the playoffs on April 29.


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