Fans have called Carson Daly, host of Today, “unprofessional” for his mispronunciation of an everyday word during a “dramatic” segment.


People who watch TODAY are criticizing host Carson Daly for being “unprofessional” after he messes up on air this morning.

Fans criticized Carson after he messed up the pronunciation of a common word in a “dramatic” segment about food on Today.


Fans were disappointed that Carson pronounced the word 'espresso' wrong repeatedly


In a clip from an episode of Today posted to their Instagram account, anchors Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, and Carson tried a celebrity Starbucks order.

The 47-year-old actor and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal’s favorite drink at Starbucks is “30 shots of espresso over ice,” which Carson described for the NBC hosts.

All four adults, ages 51, 43, 68, and 58, cast wary glances at their drinks before finally taking a sip.

All four of them, Al, Craig, Savannah, and Hoda, nearly threw up after taking a sip.

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Savannah said she would rather “lick” her “shoe” than have the coffee.

Hoda stated that there should be “cream in there or something” added to the coffee.

All of the news anchors agreed that the coffee lacked flavor.

Fans did react to Craig, Savannah, Al, and Hoda, but they reacted even more to the 49-year-old host’s pronunciation of “espresso.”


One of Carson’s fans made fun of his pronunciation of “eXpresso” by asking, “Who keeps saying eXpresso?” in the post’s comments section.

When another fan chimed in, they agreed: “Exactly!” What you do [Carson] is that of a talk show host/journalist.

“An ability to pronounce words correctly ought to be THE MAIN qualification for your position.”

I can’t stand it when people mispronounce espresso,” said a third party.

It was then pointed out that we all “agreed!! This is Es-Presso, the best coffee ever. It’s not an express.”

There was a joke made about how “EXpresso” was more popular than Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order.


This wasn’t Carson’s first time experiencing public humiliation on the Today show.

In an embarrassing moment from a live show last year, Carson seemed to be ignored by the host during a cooking segment.

Craig, the host, introduced the show’s guest, author Kevin Curry, and said that Curry would show viewers how to stretch one rotisserie chicken into three different meals.

Kevin winked at Carson and said, “I’ll get you a plate” at the start of the segment.

Hoda then added, “Don’t worry, we’ll share!” after Craig said, “We’re gonna get Carson Daly a plate here in a second.”

Carson appeared to be resting against the wall in the kitchen’s opposite corner from the action when the camera panned out.

At the other end of the table, Hoda and her co-host Savannah appeared to be paying closer attention to the segment as they dined on Kevin’s tasty treats.

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Shortly before the demonstration’s conclusion, Carson made a remark, saying to Kevin, “And you spent about $2 dollars doing it!” after Craig had described all three dishes.

In a nervous laugh, Kevin responded, “Not about $2 dollars, but yes per meal, you’re averaging about $3 dollars per meal for all of this.”

During a recent segment Today anchors tried actor Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order


Al Roker Craig Melvin Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb all disliked Pedro's order


This isn't the first time that Carson said something awkward on live television



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