Fans have receipts that dispute Kody’s claim that Christine didn’t want to be a mother to Robyn’s children in “Sister Wives.”

Christine Brown is charged with neglecting Robyn Brown’s children by Kody Brown in a recent preview for the upcoming Sister Wives Season 17 episode. However, some Sister Wives fans have retrieved old episodes, catching Kody in a lie while simultaneously demonstrating the opposite to be true.

Kody asserts that Christine never made an effort to raise Robyn’s children as her own.

Christine and Kody’s conversation about their failing marriage continues in the Sister Wives season 17 premiere preview from September 2. “Marriage to you has been painful. Christine says to Kody, “And it’s been painful because I tried for so long, so hard, to be what you needed.

I tried my best to make you want to be around me by doing everything I could. I worked really hard,” she adds. Everything but treating your sister wives with kindness and respect, Kody interjects. Watch the full clip below.

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Christine is perplexed and presses Kody for clarification, but he remains silent. “I want to scream when I hear that statement. As if her complaints and opposition to plural marriage hadn’t broken my heart for years, Kody tells the cameras.

Then, Kody surprises the Sister Wives audience by claiming that Robyn’s children never had a good mother in Christine. “Christine was fantastic, fantastic in her willingness to care for Janelle’s children. But she never wanted to have Robyn’s kids or be a good mother to them,” says Kody.

‘Sister Wives’ fans prove Kody wrong

Naturally, Kody’s claim that Christine wasn’t a good mother to Robyn’s children shocked Sister Wives viewers. Long-time viewers of the program have very different memories of it. By finding old Sister Wives footage and posting it to the Sister Wives Reddit page, one fan set out to disprove the rumor. Watch the video below:

The nanny Robyn hired to take care of their 6-year-old daughter, Ariella, and 10-year-old son, Solomon, was discussed by Kody in Season 16 of Sister Wives. “Robyn and I work together. We refer to her as a nanny because when she comes over, she assists with child care. She also assists with the kids’ education.

Christine expresses her hurt at Kody and Robyn for hiring a nanny rather than letting her watch their children in an early season of Sister Wives. Robyn explains her reasoning behind selecting her niece Mindy to watch the kids while they are at work.

“I found it extremely challenging when you hired a babysitter. Because I wondered, “Why aren’t we good enough?,” which is akin to asking, “Why don’t you trust me with your kids?” Christine asks Robyn, “Why wouldn’t you ask me first?’ I didn’t get it.

“Don’t you want to be my partner? Christine queries Robyn, “Don’t you want a relationship with a sister wife? “You won’t ever need me. She tells Robyn, “Never.,” leaving her speechless.

Is Kody looking for excuses to blame Christine?

This fan-made video is the ideal illustration of how Kody modifies reality to suit his story. And effectively illustrates how poor Kody and Christine’s communication was.

“I was so enraged by the new sneak peek, I had to make another juxtaposition montage to call out Kody’s behavior,” the Redditor who created the clip wrote.

Another viewer wrote in response to the video, “First of all! I just want to say thank you for organizing everything and disproving him so thoroughly. He cannot continue to gaslight after ten years on television.

Another Redditor commented, “Tell All specials should be used to challenge them on this kind of thing instead of the game and dull questions they already ask.”

Thank goodness Sister Wives devotees aren’t easily offended. They have also exposed Kody’s lies and inconsistencies once more.

Sister Wives’ 17th season premieres on Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. TLC at EST.

There is an unfairness in plural marriage, Robyn argues with Kody while defending Christine in “Sister Wives.”

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